It Takes a Village

We’re about to go on an adventure.  A BIG adventure…..possibly the biggest adventure of our lives.  We are about to move our family of 4 to Canterbury, England for a year.  We’ve been preparing for this adventure for over 6 months, and we feel like we’re flying by the seat of our pants most of the time.

There will be more to come on the details that led to this grand adventure (sabbatical funding, visas, renting our home, packing, air travel, paring-down, etc).  We decided to start this blog in order to chronicle our efforts, successes, failures, and experiences, and to share some of our daily lives with our dear friends and family while we’re far apart.

We’re typing this today from Oberlin, Ohio, where we’re catching our breath for a moment before the final push starts.  In a few days we’ll climb onto an airplane and the adventure will really start.  But as we pause and collect our thoughts, we are humbled by the number of people who have helped us get to this point.  This trip would be hard to imagine without the logistical, financial, and emotional support of dozens of people.  We will name a few here, but there are truly too many to list!

Nana and Grandpa Boaz are cheerfully watching the kids back in Illinois at this very moment, allowing Holly to focus on her Baroque music workshop and giving us this period of “calm”.  Last week they came to Oberlin to help share the kid-watching duties.  They drove all day to get here, put up with low-rent college student accommodations and a lack of air conditioning, and pitched in happily night or day.  On Wednesday they’ll drive us to the airport — another all-day drive — and babysit our station wagon for a year while we’re away.

GranMary and GranDurkee Richards made numerous trips to Vashon to help watch kids and get our house ready to rent.  They took the kids to Sequim on multiple occasions to aid our productivity, and sheltered all of us for two weeks after we moved off island despite the fact that we were sick, exhausted, and came hauling multiple wagon loads of stuff and junk — much of which was deposited with them.  We left a car and a trailer on their lawn as repayment.

Linda and Mary helped in ways large and small, and have been a constant source of support.  The impromptu dinner they fed us as we returned their trusty Ford Ranger and dashed off to the ferry made us wonder if we really wanted to leave.  Jason and Heather came on short notice, and helped us pack and move our final belongings with enthusiasm and good cheer.  Susan and Mr. Bill offered moral support and baked goods.  Timmy power-washed the decks and helped with gutters.  The Krikawas watched the kids when we needed it most.  Tom and Laura are storing our boat.  Kay took in our 14-year-old lab, Tofi.  The list goes on and on.  It really does take a village…

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