The other potential title for this post was “Schlepping”.  Something we’ll be doing quite a lot of over the coming couple of months.

We have completed our packing.  WOOOOO!  In the end, we managed to get all of our belongings for the coming year into 4 large-ish suitcases (two of which convert to large backpacks, and all of which have wheels), 4 not-terribly-large carry-on bags, and one somewhat large stroller in its travel bag.  Of course, there is also my (quite small) handbag, and two (quite small) backpacks for the kids, in which we’ve stored their snacks and water cups.  So, all in all, I think we’ve done a pretty good job of paring-down for the year ahead.

HOWEVER,  Brad, who is seemingly much more into the “ultra-light” packing category, thinks we have twice as much stuff as we need.  He may be right.  But what we’ve packed, we’re taking.

One of the things we discovered as we searched for items or strategies that would make traveling easier with the kids, was the TRUNKI.

This thing is SO cool.  We got one for each of the kids — a ladybug style for Flora and the orange and black tiger for Charlie:

They were inexpensive, carry just enough stuff, and are an AMAZING ride-on toy to boot!  So, while we’re

schlepping through the airport before our flight(s), the kids can play with them, ride around on them, or be pulled by one of us on their own cute little suitcase.  GOOD design!!!

We also love our new fancy suitcases that convert into backpacks.  These we purchased through REI, and they are Osprey bags.  They can be used as a rolling suitcase or, if you zip-off the rear panel, there is extremely ergonomic and comfortable gear there to fit oneself and wear the bag as a backpack.  We shall use both features over the course of our travels, I’m sure.

When we arrive in Iceland and find ourselves making our way from the bus stop to our apartment, here is the scenario:

ME:  Pushing the kids in the stroller with their Trunkis (a Phil and Ted’s stroller — post on that to come later), carrying my large suitcase on my back, with my large-ish carry-on bag either slung over my shoulder or hanging from the stoller somehow.

BRAD: Carrying his large suitcase on his back, pulling two rolling suitcases, one in each hand, with a carry-on attached to both, probably.  (He’s a brute, after all.)

So, we’ll have our hands full.  There will definitely be schlepping.

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2 Responses to Luggage

  1. susan says:

    But who is going to take the pictures of you as you do your schlepping? There must be before (as you’ve gotten yourself configured and ready to set off) and after (as you arrive at your destination with bags and kids hanging every which way) shots. Have you considered a visor cam?

  2. Anne MR says:

    Only a Richards man would think that is too much stuff…including my own 🙂

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