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Walking the waterfront

Yesterday, we saw the old harbor and the concert hall. Today, we walked farther down the water front and explored a different part of the city. Starting out this morning: new neighborhoods. The new Radhus (city hall). A very new … Continue reading

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We’ve eaten well in Reykjavik

Our first dinner, cooked in our apartment kitchen: sautéed chicken thighs with basil, boiled new potatoes, salad, and fruit. Fabulous coffee and croissants at a lovely cafe. (Almond butter and jelly sandwiches packed from home) The biggest chicken eggs we’ve … Continue reading

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The cutest girl in Reykjavik

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The Playgrounds of Reykjavik

This town is great for kids…for many reasons. Here is a biggie:

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Harpa and the old harbor

So it is well-known that Iceland is a center for music and artistic exploration (does one Bjork come to mind?) It should be no surprise then, to learn that there is now a brand-new state-of-the-art concert hall and conference center … Continue reading

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Connection Woes

I wrote an earlier post about the challenges of staying connected while traveling, but thought we had things working. Until they stopped working. Turns out that despite assurances to the contrary, the SIM card I was a sold in the … Continue reading

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The Colors of Reykjavik

Thursday and Friday, our first days in Reykjavik, were low-key walking days. We had several errands to accomplish, and we were very tired! Here are some picture from those first days. Smiley faces in the pansies These are shots of … Continue reading

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Holly’s very unfortunate toes

So our apartment is great, but it has a drawback. In every single doorway (there are 8), there is a raised section of flooring (a lip, if you will). I have now stubbed toes about four times on these damned … Continue reading

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