Connection Woes

I wrote an earlier post about the challenges of staying connected while traveling, but thought we had things working. Until they stopped working. Turns out that despite assurances to the contrary, the SIM card I was a sold in the airport was not the 5GB for $20 data card. It was, instead, a card designed for a smartphone — one that provided voice service (that we didn’t need) as well as a much more limited data allowance. We ran dry after about 24 hours, and were offline until making another trek to the Vodaphone store. Now they promise that we’ve got the right card! I would guess that in general, the easily-available cards in the airport are more likely to be the former than the latter, so be warned if you’re traveling. Thank goodness everyone here speaks flawless English. I can’t imagine trying to work through these issues with a language barrier involved.

Anne had asked about roaming with this particular card. It’s only good in Iceland — which maybe isn’t surprising given that the rate is about half the $/GB as the cards I’m researching in England. Data costs seem to vary quite a lot from country to country, and you’re probably more likely to get a cheap rate with a country-specific card. Let me know what you discover though.

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