Walking the waterfront

Yesterday, we saw the old harbor and the concert hall. Today, we walked farther down the water front and explored a different part of the city.

Starting out this morning: new neighborhoods.

The new Radhus (city hall). A very new and modern building. It was somewhat controversial when built, as it is so modern and sticks out next to the very traditional buildings surrounding it. A very interesting building, both inside and out, with strange moss-covered walls at the entrance, and ducks swimming in the pool at the bottom of said walls. The other enterance to the building is from a walkway on the central pond, the Tjornin.

One of many lovely churches throughout the city.

A sign we’ve seen here and there on main thoroughfares. We think it means that the tractors can’t drive down the roads on weekdays during the times listed on the sign. Seems quaint. 🙂

Back to the waterfront. We managed to avoid clouds another day! We saw them over the bay all day, though…

Very cool sculpture at the water’s edge.

A stout trawler in dry dock right across the street from our fish and chips restaurant.

And back home again, through the park next to the catholic church. I like this building more and more each time we go by.

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2 Responses to Walking the waterfront

  1. susan says:

    You are making me so jealous! I want to be traveling in foreign lands again.

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