Finding a Home

Okay, so we’re livin’ the dream.  BUT….we have to do all these impossible things, like getting a visa (Brad’s going to post about this — what a nightmare!), opening a bank account, getting mobile phones, and…………finding a home.

We’ve been contacting estate agents for the past couple of days, both in Canterbury and Whitstable.  ALL the estate agents in Canterbury have their offices in a 5-block section of Castle St.  Very convenient.  So, we walked down one side and popped in to each, and then did the same on the other side.  Several took our contact info (since we are now mobile phone owners!) and told us they’d let us know if anything suitable came onto the lettings market.  (They say let, not rent).  There were only a couple who thought they might have something suitable in our price range, furnished, NOT a student rental, and near the university.  Today we saw our first.  It was in an ideal location, had a rather large (by local standards, of course) back garden (enclosed!), it was amazingly private considering it is a terraced house (row house) sandwiched in the middle of an entire block of them, and it was large.  There was a large modern kitchen, a large modern bathroom, three bedrooms, all of which were plenty big, and a large lounge/dining area downstairs.  BUT, this place was so grimy, dirty, messy, and unclean.  Gave me the willies a little bit.  The photos make it look much nicer than it felt in person…
On Friday, we have appointments to see three places in Whitstable.  We didn’t think we’d want to be here, but aside from Brad’s commute (which he won’t have to do more than 2-3 times per week, probably) on the bus, it really suits all our needs…..maybe even better than Canterbury.  Plus, there are more things on the market at the moment that seem to match our needs and price range.  Here’s one of the places we’re going to see (only thing separating it from the beach is a tennis court!)
The view:
This might be an easy decision…

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