Our Local Library


On Sunday, on our way to the beach and the festival, we stopped in the local library to get a library card.  Couldn’t have been easier!  All we needed was a proof of address (a letter from our bank was sufficient), a form of ID, and presto, I am a member of the library (“Mrs. H.M. Boaz” is what they put on my card — doesn’t it sound regal?).

Local library

What’s great about this place?

1. It’s literally a block away (no pun intended)
2. The people are insanely friendly inside
3. They have a great children’s corner
4. They have a fabulous section full of books about the local area and Kent in general
5. It’s free.

When we stopped in, they were having a little market in the square out front, with local organic food producers. AND, they have a produce garden out front of the library! Very cool.
Teaching kids about plants
Story time space

We have been discovering new books for the kids. The big favorites so far have been Bob the Builder (we never discovered him until we watched the show on the plane from Reykjavik), Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Winnie the Witch, and The Minpins by Roald Dahl (probably not quite right for their age, but they love it).





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