We Love Whitstable!

Today, we had one of the loveliest, most pleasant and enjoyable days yet. Why? For a few reasons. The first is that we’ve finally clued-in to Charlie’s behavioral [ahem] issues, and our new approach is working on the boy, or at least it did today. The second is that the weather became fairly warm and gorgeous in the afternoon and there was a stunning sunset over the beach. The third is that I made a really tasty dinner, and everyone, even the kids, ate it with relish, which is always counted a major victory. The fourth is that we’re in this amazing little town that we’ve fallen in love with, and we did many fun things around town today.  The most special time today was our evening on the beach, and I’ll post about that tomorrow.

After a slow, lazy morning, with yummy french toast prepared by Daddy the Breakfast Man, we decided to venture out. So, we hit the playground, where the twins made a couple of new friends (namely Harriet and Olivia), had a great time, and even got to pet a very nice kitty.

Daddy’s an awesome playground buddy.


Charlie’s emergency brake.

Charlie uses his

Legs don't reach, so assistance is required

Flora, Harriet, and the kitty.  Is there anything cuter than cute little girls petting a cute kitty cat?
Flora and Harriett find a very patient cat
Flora works at being gentle
Chasing the cat

Then, we hit the high street again, and succumbed once again to the delights of our local bakery…
Charlie checks out the goodies
So does momma

Here are a couple of shots from yesterday at the beach. Flora’s new favorite hobby is hoarding shells and rocks at the beach. I’m sure you can imagine the hours she can spend doing this, since there are quite a few shells and rocks to be had. But, it brings her much joy, and for that reason, we like it!
Flora arranges her new shells
She's sad she can't take them all with her

Farther down the beach, we walked the Tankerton slopes again.  Loving this walking-along-the-beach thing.
Back up on the bluff in Tankerton
Bluff walk

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