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The Whitstable Oyster Festival Day II

We really had a good time enjoying the offerings of the Oyster Festival over the weekend. We got behind in blogging as we kinda tired ourselves out. All of us needed a couple of quiet days to recoup, relax, and … Continue reading

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Our Charming Town on the Seaside

We are loving Whitstable. This town is the perfect size — large enough to have varied and interesting shops, restaurants, services, and activities, but small enough to feel friendly and relaxed. The high street is fabulous. Whitstable is known in … Continue reading

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Another reason to cross fingers and hold breath…

The same day that we decided to take a house in Whitstable, we found out that we might really have renters for our house in Vashon. We’re trying not to get too excited, but if it goes through (and we’ll … Continue reading

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The Whitstable Oyster Festival

So we happened to be staying in Whitstable during their big summer celebration:  the Oyster Festival.  Apparently, this event is becoming much more well-known among the English, and people now flock here by the thousands to partake in the festivities … Continue reading

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Cross fingers and hold breath, please!

We think we’ve found a place to live.  It’s not in Canterbury.  It’s in Whitstable, which is where we’re staying right now, and we really like it here.  It’s much more child-friendly, and seems to have a slower pace to … Continue reading

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We’re now car free

The rental car was returned today, so we’re officially without a car for the foreseeable future. It’ll be a huge relief not to have to find parking anymore, or to negotiate the donkey-path sized streets of Whitstable and Canterbury that … Continue reading

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Leeds Castle (in Maidstone, not Leeds)

Today was the last day we had full use of our rental car.  SO…we decided to get out into the countryside a bit and spend the day at Leeds Castle, which is close to Maidstone, and tricky to get to … Continue reading

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Stress, or, trying to find a place to rent when the house you own still hasn’t been rented.

Yes, that’s right. Our house on Vashon Island has STILL not been rented.  We’ve had someone ready to sign on the dotted line twice now, and then something happened and they decided to go another direction.  ARGH!!!!!!!  We’re feeling more … Continue reading

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The Bathrooms of Iceland (or Toilets, or Loos, or WCs)

I know this seems silly, but we were so impressed by the nice (and very well-designed) bathrooms in Reykjavik, that we decided to start taking photos of them. The sinks, mirrors, fixtures, and toilet stalls were so…..pretty. And so sleek, … Continue reading

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Finding a Home

Okay, so we’re livin’ the dream.  BUT….we have to do all these impossible things, like getting a visa (Brad’s going to post about this — what a nightmare!), opening a bank account, getting mobile phones, and…………finding a home. We’ve been … Continue reading

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