High Street Charity Shops

I love high street charity shops. I love that there are a whole slew of them on our high street, all within about a 5-minute walk. I love that they all sell clothes, books, and toys (with one exception).

Who needs to buy new toys or children’s books?  We’ve been finding whatever we need for the kids so far (with the exception of the big-girl-underpants we recently bought for Flora).  And I’ve even found some great cookbooks, local history guides, and some clothes for me.

Here are some of the different charity shops on our high street:

Bernardo’s (Children’s charity)
Sense (charity helping deaf and blind)
Demelza (Hospice care for children)
British Red Cross
Relate (counseling service)
Pilgrim’s Hospice (this one sells furniture/housewares)
Cancer Research
The Hospice Shop

And I just learned that there are a handful of shops in Tankerton, including a Sue Ryder shop (long-term care charity), about a 15-minute walk down the beach and inland 2 blocks.  Maybe we’ll explore those tomorrow.

And, of course, there are many charity shops in Canterbury as well, including an Oxfam shop, and one that specializes in books!

These charity shops are such a good idea.  Charities benefit, people can get rid of unwanted stuff, and that stuff can be reused by people who need it!    Bloody brilliant.

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1 Response to High Street Charity Shops

  1. Mark says:

    A friend of mine highly recommends the charity shops in Birchington-on-Sea (between Herne Bay and Margate), and Birchington’s a nice place for a visit if you’re heading out that way.

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