Missing our Dogs

Doggie togetherness IMG_3308.JPG

As most of you know, we had two dogs before moving overseas. Tsuni (the smaller, younger, smarter and very devious one) and Tofi (the older, bigger, dumber, loving one) were (usually) great companions.

We found Tofi and Tsuni at the Dutchess County SPCA shelter when we moved into our new house in New York back in 1998. Tsuni was only about 3-weeks old and Tofi was a very young, but full-grown adolescent. They came home together, and have been friends and companions until very recently…

Tsuni has had a variety of medical problems, and despite an extremely high pain threshold, her arthritis had really gotten the best of her by springtime of this year. We decided that the bad days were far-outnumbering the good days, and perhaps it was time to send Tsuni on her way and end her suffering. She was such a good dog, and had a wonderful final day, with a visit to the beach and lots and lots of yummy treats.

We miss her. And we miss her very large personality…

P1010002 IMG_2284.JPG Tsuni enjoys the weather

Tofi is still alive and kicking. She’s a good old girl, and at roughly 14 years old, she’s doing great! We were amazed that she was still with us when we were preparing for our year abroad. We never thought either of the dogs would live so long. SO, we had to figure out what to do with Tofi. Of course, we hoped that a family member might be able to take her, but it just wasn’t the best situation for anyone, so that avenue was closed. We asked all of our friends to spread the word, and the only interested party traveled all the time, and only had a small apartment, which was not ideal for Tofi, who’d been a free-range dog for all of her life. Next, we emailed the local SPCA-type organizations and Vashon Island Pet Protectors (an adoption and fostering organization). No one offered to help. We were stuck.

IMG_5041.JPG DSC01082.JPG Tofi says good-bye to the ranch Basking Tofi

When we decided to put Tsuni down, we told the lovely people at our vet’s office of our predicament. They were great! Turns out that one of the Vet Techs there was a sucker for older dogs, and already had 5 that she fostered. Her name is Kay. I think she’s a saint. She is so patient and loving and understanding of all of these dogs’ various personality quirks and histories. She loves them all, and she has the perfect home for her menagerie. She and her husband (a very patient, understanding husband) live on several acres of mostly cleared land on a secluded, quiet street. They also have a pool in the back yard, which is as much for the dogs as for the people.  Oh, and I think she also has several cats.  Tofi doesn’t seem to care.

Kay agreed to take Tofi for us. Tofi is in heaven!!!

We hope so much that she will still be around when we return. But we know that it is possible that she won’t.  It is a huge comfort to know that she is being extremely well cared-for, and has several animal companions to keep her company.

Kay told us that Tofi was the first one in the pool after they replaced the old pool liner and changed the water. Good old Tofi!

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One Response to Missing our Dogs

  1. Tim McGraw says:

    To Tsuni and Tofi, whom together have always made up my better half. Good kissers, too.

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