First week on Island Wall

Good news: BT came and fixed our phone line. Turns out it was corroded somewhere down the street. Best and most prompt & friendly customer service we’ve seen so far. Thanks, BT!
Charlie is showing lots more interest in using the potty. He still cant really feel when he needs to go, but he’s interested in trying, so that’s a good step forward! It’s a rainy day here, so there is much potty-sitting, potty talk, book-reading, and video-watching going on.

Bad news: our neighbors on the other side of the wall are quite the party animals. Maybe there’s just a full house right now as it’s the end of the summer holidays, but last night (MONDAY night), they played loud (bad) music until about midnight (singing along loudly and having sloppy loud conversation) and continued to drunkenly bang around their house until about 1:30am. Man, do I sound old or what? I guess I’m just grumpy after a night of only 4 hrs of sleep.

Brad was able to upload photos from the past week when he went into his office yesterday. Here are the highlights:

Brad did most of the luggage schlepping on the move. Here’s the luggage cart:
The luggage cart, on one of its trips

This is the view from the skylight in the kids’ third-floor room (second floor to those of you who are British).
View from kids' room Looking down the beach Panorama from kids' room Lovely sunset Our view every night

The kids’ room
Kids in their room

Our street
Our street

Out exploring
Let's go exploring Cute walkway More beach huts nearby Sea wall makes a lovely playground One of about 37 drops for Charlie

The garden at our corner cafe
Garden at Windy Corner Store across the street (spot the Charlie) There he is! Charlie's toy garden Thomas and Percy in action Plants everywhere Great spot Flower child Cleanup crew Do birds drool?

Our outdoor dining table & a yummy dinner
Silly children await dinner Family dinner in the garden Chicken, veggies, and salad Dessert! Cream-free for some

Our delicious tomatoes! I had to stake them when we arrived, and all of a sudden they began to ripen. Yum!
Tomatoes in our garden They've got great flavor

The bikes in the shed. They need a lot of TLC, but we’re anxious to make good use of them!
Heavily used mama bike Heavily used papa bike

Another delicious meal. Making use of the mushrooms in the fridge.
Improvised Stroganoff Finished

A great evening play session at the beach!
Lovely evening at the beach Flora approaches with caution Charlie dives in Wrestling with mama The boy fills his bucket Flora joins the party Beach dash Beach splash Flora looks for shells, as always Charlie shovels the sea Pouncing? Still shoveling It got my toes! Contemplating the sea Comparing notes Time to leave Daredevil to the end

Supporting Charlie’s efforts on the potty.
Charlie's potty support group Flora smooches Daddy Silly girl

Charlie discovered how much fun it is to run through the surf. Really. Happy. Boy.

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One Response to First week on Island Wall

  1. susan says:

    Those weren’t mushrooms you found growing in the fridge, were they?

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