A Long Walk to the Goods Shed

Today I had an itch to go for a walk.  A long walk.  So I piled the kids into the push chair, packed some lunch, and headed out on the Crab and Winkle Way toward Canterbury.  Brad took the bus in to work and we planned to meet up once I made it into town.

The kids and I had a great time!  The weather was good (although a bit blustery), the air fresh, and everyone was in a good mood.  We walked about 7 miles altogether (well, *I* walked 7 miles.  The kids probably walked a tenth of that).  My hips were a little angry by the end, but I enjoyed the walk, and my (sometimes arthritic) feet felt fine!  (I brought a pair of Keens leather shoes with me that I’ve had for a few years, and they never let me down.)

The kids and I had a lovely lunch in a grassy spot in the Blean Woods and made it to the University of Kent just outside Canterbury at about 2:00 where we met up with Brad.  Together we headed down the hill to our destination:  The Goods Shed.

The kids had fun charging down the hill, and took a moment to “climb” a tree .
Tree hugger on UKent campus
Kids find a climbing tree
Room for both!
Flora likes the tree

The Goods Shed is an amazing place.  It is a year-round, 6-days-per-week farmer’s market with several individual farmers and food producers selling their goods in the same building.  It also has an on-site restaurant making food that is 95% sourced from the market.  It is now one of our favorite places, and we will be back regularly.  (Plus, it’s a great end-of-the-trail destination when we decide to walk the 6+miles to Canterbury!)

The Goods Shed is housed in a building right next to Canterbury West Train Station.  I’m thinking that the building must be an old station building.  It has a ton of character, with exposed bricks, old beams, and rounded windows.
We make it to the Goods Shed
Up the ramp we go
Lots of goodies!

The butcher
Fresh meats

Locally-grown farm-fresh produce
More produce
Even more produce

The Fishmonger
Fresh fish

A happy girl
Too loud?
We got some juice from the coffee bar upstairs: Pear/lime/mint and Apple/lime/ginger. Holy cow, those were so good! And SO full of flavor! I told Brad I thought the Apple/lime/ginger probably had healing powers. YUM!
Time for a snack
We also tried some of the baked goods from the amazing Italian bakery back in the far corner. The leftovers in the photo are from a cheese/egg/ham pastry. It was delish! So were the Baci di Dame biscuits (with choc/hazlenut filling).

After our snack, we purchased some local apples and potatoes, and some cheese (both locally made and some medium gouda, which is one of our favorites). We packed up our remaining goodies and started our stroll through Canterbury as the bus station is on the other side of the city. When we came to the West Gate, we paused to document a city bus entering the medieval gate. This is how we get into town on the bus. It is harrowing!
Westgate - with a bus coming
Can't possibly fit...
Here it comes
Tight squeeze!
Bus emerging from far side

We finished our afternoon with a couple of errands in the shops next to the bus station, and headed home for dinner. Unfortunately, Flora seems to have caught the illness Charlie had during our trip to York. She’s in bed with a fever now, but it didn’t seem to slow her down at all today!

It was a good day.

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2 Responses to A Long Walk to the Goods Shed

  1. Tim Frost says:

    Love the Goods Shed! Have you met Patrick (first stall on the left as you go in). He does great food and is clearly an accomplished flautist (he’s doing a concert in the Cathedral at some point soon).

  2. boazrichards says:

    Haven’t met Patrick yet, but I bet we will — thanks for the tip!

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