A Seaside Stroll (Our outing to Herne Bay)

Beach huts on Tankerton slope

On Wednesday we decided to take a walk along the beach. We’d been as far east as Tankerton, but I knew we could get ourselves all the way down to Herne Bay, so we set off in the morning with the intention of eating lunch once we got to Herne Bay.

It was a gorgeous day — not too cool, but not hot, with sunny skies and the occasional cloud cover. The route is extremely easy as it’s all paved boardwalk next to the beach, with the exception of a short bit in the middle which goes over the salt marshes. We passed lots of beach huts, some really pretty stretches of beach, and arrived in Herne Bay with a big appetite!

Looking towards Herne Bay
Even more beach huts Swampy salt marsh
Keep it covered
Looking back towards Tankerton
Hut artwork
Charlie tries to catch up
More artwork

Herne Bay is a much bigger town than Whitstable, with lots and lots of shops, a waterfront with lots of arcades and ice cream stands, and some interesting diversions for the kids. There was an AMAZING playground just off the beach as we approached the edge of town. We didn’t stop, but you can bet we’ll be back soon. We ate at a cozy cafe/ice cream parlour inside the Bandstand.  It has an indoor seating area and a protected seating area outside, in front of a little stage. (In the distance, you can see the clock tower, a famous landmark.) Lunch was baguette pizza for the kids and chicken curry with mango chutney for mom and dad. (And, of course, ice cream or desert.)

Looking towards clock tower

We then walked through the rest of the town’s waterfront, encountering another playground (this time the kids played for a while), and a really cool wooden sculpture of what we think was meant to be a whale’s skeleton, next to a giant pirate’s treasure chest!

Flora gives doggy a ride
Procession toward the clock tower
Treasure chest
Wooden 'whale'
Wooden skull
Kids love it

There were a lot of “variety” shops in town. This one cracked us up — everything is either more than a pound or less…
Really narrows down the price...

The kids both had brief naps in the stroller and we hopped on the bus home, which only took about 20 minutes. It was a great way to spend a day.

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4 Responses to A Seaside Stroll (Our outing to Herne Bay)

  1. rainbowmonk says:

    You take such great pictures. Charlie & Flora are getting big – they don’t look like toddlers anymore. Say hi to everyone for us! — Mark, Sarah, Jacob, & Elizabeth

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog – via the tweet that the National Railway Museum sent out http://twitter.com/#!/railwaymuseum/status/118293758965067776. I’m a regular visitor to Canterbury as one of my closest friends lives in the city. Welcome to Kent!

    Have you discovered Reculver castle and fort, east of Herne Bay http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/reculver-towers-and-roman-fort/

    • boazrichards says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. We’re hoping to do the bike ride along the Viking Coastal Trail, and came across pictures of Reculver church and fort during our planning. We finally saw the church (from afar) from Herne Bay and are anxious to go see it now. What else should we be going to see or do? It would be great to get some input from a local.

  3. Mark says:

    As I’m a regular visitor, but not a local, I’ve passed your blog link on to Canterburians I know.

    For a day trip by train, I’d recommend Rochester (trains every half an hour from Canterbury East) which has the stunning cathedral and castle. Charles Dickens lived nearby and so there’s a lot connected with him there.

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