Eurofair Kent Food & Drink Festival in Canterbury

Last weekend we spent a warm sunny afternoon at the Eurofair Kent Food & Drink Festival in Dane John Gardens, just next to the bus station in Canterbury.

We arrived just before noon and met up with our new friend, Tim, who spent some time taking in the amazing array of foods and food service booths with us.

Holly and Tim take in the offerings Gourmet fishcakes Baked goodies Quite a burger Not a food event without oysters Explaining Indian offerings

I really wish I had gotten some Eton Mess Fudge!

Fancy fudge

We did bring home a bottle of cider.

Hard cider - yum

We’ve been sampling local apple varieties, and have found several really delicious ones!  The Discovery was the earliest, and now we’re liking the Cox and two different varieties starting with S that I can’t remember….and Bramleys for applesauce and baking.  Apple season is good in Kent.

Apples are in season

A local nut: the cobnut. I wasn’t particular fond of the raw one I tried, but I’ve heard they’re great roasted, and they make oil out of them as well.

Cobnut mystery finally solved

Lots of veg on display at the food delivery services’ tents.

Lonely veg

The bandstand

Bandstand and part of the grounds

I took home some of this chocolate:

More sweet treats Must be healthy with all that fruit

The kids took a real shine to Tim, and Charlie talked his ear off about cars and trucks.

Tim and his entourage Look, a fountain!

It was very warm, so the water in the fountain felt pretty refreshing, I guess. The kids couldn’t keep their hands out!

Tempting fate Partners in crime Charlie bonds with Tim Must stay together

This was such a cute little espresso “truck”. Charlie and Flora thought so, too.

Portable espresso hut

And of course, the best part of the whole shebang was the kids area, where they had massive amounts of toys and play stations set up next to the playground. Flora wiped out several times in the playground running away from bigger kids she thought were chasing her, so we left and found some more peaceful activities (read: playing with cars and trucks)

Kids' area Borrowing some toys Flora rolls the dice

We tried some spiral fried potatoes. They were actually kinda disappointing, but definitely novel. The kids liked ’em.

Fried spiral-cut potatoes were a big hit Awaiting the fryer

We tried a plump pilgrim (kinda like a more cakey scone, with raisins) and a jam roly-poly which we actually didn’t really enjoy.  I wish we had gotten a few Christmas puddings to take home and try!

Christmas puddings Plump Pilgrim Jam Roly Poly We tried Jam Roly Poly Turf war?

Lunch was actually a really delicious chicken coconut lime curry with these baji (? might have gotten that wrong, but they were flat pancakes of onion and flour and spices deep fried). Then we had some beer and cider, of course, and Brad found some yummy maple fudge. It was really interesting to see some local foods….. like cobnuts, which we’d never heard of before! Glad we were able to get to this festival. It was so easy to just hop on the bus, arrive at the Canterbury station and cross the street! Yum.

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