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The past week (almost two weeks, really) has been summery, warm, and gorgeous here in Southeastern England. We decided to celebrate this late burst of summery weather by spending a few days on the beach behind our house. It was the first time that it really felt warm enough for us to swim, so we did! We made good use of the ladybug child’s float that was given to us by our friends, Anisa, Suhraiya, and Nuri, and we had some really good times. Charlie especially really took to the water and got SO excited to use the ladybug float.

Since our beaches here are covered in pebbles, not sand, we were really glad that the kids had sandals they could wear into the water.  I had found some water shoes in a charity shop, and Brad sacrificed his leather Teva sandals.  We were also so glad to have our beach shelter that we found at a boot sale for 2 pounds, and our super stroller to load up with all our stuff.  We discovered several fold-up beach chairs in the shed of our new home, so made good use of one of those as well.  It was a really good week at the beach — it definitely felt like a summer holiday.

IMG_2564.JPG IMG_2566.JPG IMG_2567.JPG IMG_2581.JPG IMG_2589.JPG IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2599.JPG IMG_2612.JPG IMG_2616.JPG IMG_2631.JPG IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2648.JPG IMG_2651.JPG IMG_2660.JPG IMG_2665.JPG IMG_2684.JPG

We took a walk to the harbour each day when we were done at the beach. One day, we found the dredger at work in the harbour. It was dramatic!
IMG_2695.JPG IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2705.JPG IMG_2720.JPG

And of course, there was a lot of ice cream eaten by the children this week.
IMG_2722.JPG IMG_2745.JPG IMG_2747.JPG

And a lot of barbecuing.
IMG_2753.JPG IMG_2760.JPG IMG_2761.JPG IMG_2762.JPG IMG_2763.JPG

Some Video:
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photos from day 2 at the beach:
Off to the beach! Getting base camp set up Brought all the toys Final preparations Heading for the water! Charlie LOVES the ladybug Family's all here Kids pause for a moment Trying to fill a hole in the ground Working together Dumping another load Hauling more water Pouring is tricky Even more water Got the arm a bit damp Flora's excited about the task Ooops Dedication In action Flora's mastered the technique Marching Tricky footing Coming ashore Happy beach girl Having fun Splash Whoopsie! Getting deeper Happy floating Charlie Flora wades out to see Charlie Time to head for higher ground Palling around Back to the water Momma helps Charlie wants to go out deeper Deeper we go On the beach again after warming up Plastic cups are cheap toys Cups are fun for all Practicing with water Sploosh Watching the beach Water on her feet A doggie visits our camp Time for a break Momma and Charlie in the deep Charlie gets a push Nice push What's that? It was a biplane! Interpretive dance More dance Dramatic finish Reading 'Thomas' Cottages on our way to the harbor Does he need a rescue? Trying to catch up Big push Caught up! Strolling with doggie Tide's up Dredger's still in the harbor Gulls hoping to be fed

There was also a day 3, but we don’t have photos up yet. Today is also gorgeous, but we’re having a quiet day at home. We’ll do lots of playing in the garden and will probably walk along the seafront later on. Tomorrow we’re forecast to have more of the same!  I think the kids and I will walk through the Blean to Canterbury and meet up with Brad at the University.  Maybe there’s another trip to the Goods Shed in order!

Apparently, this bout of fair weather has broken lots of records here in the UK. It has been nicer than most of August was.  We’re certainly enjoying it.

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