Malham and Janet’s Foss

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary days we’ve spent so far in England was in Malham, North Yorkshire.  We hired a local taxi from our home base of Settle to drive us up the hill to Malham Village as the bus service from Settle to Malham ends for the season in early October. We had such a lovely taxi driver who was friendly and eager to share his advice and experiences.  It was obvious that he loved his beautiful corner of Yorkshire (who wouldn’t?).  He paused for us at various moments during the (at times harrowing) drive through the country lanes in order for us to snap photos of the breathtaking scenery.

IMG_7212.JPG IMG_7213.JPG
The highland cattle (a relatively recent addition to this landscape) really wanted to be in the photos. No matter how much we begged, they just wouldn’t move.

Malham is one of the most beloved places in Yorkshire Dales National Park for walking.  There is an abundance of unique and beautiful scenery in the area, including Malham Tarn (what we might call a mountain lake), Malham Cove (a dramatic formation of limestone that was once a waterfall cliff), and Janet’s Foss.  There is a National Park information center and ranger station there, but of course, it has very spare hours in the off-season, so was not open when we arrived.


So we decided to stroll through the very quaint and charming village and begin our 3-mile walk toward Janet’s Foss.  (And yes, we decided to do this without the stroller!)
IMG_7220.JPG IMG_7225.JPG IMG_7236.JPG IMG_7238.JPG IMG_7241.JPG IMG_7242.JPG

IMG_7247.JPG IMG_7250.JPG

IMG_7253.JPG IMG_7258.JPG

IMG_7265.JPG IMG_7266.JPG

Our 3-mile walk started at the far end of the village with a climb up a winding country road flanked by dry-stacked stone walls. We were following instructions for the route from a small local guidebook we found in our cottage. It was the kind of route that one doesn’t need a map for, as there are landmarks along the way to mark the turns. A ruined building in a farmer’s field, a signpost marking the direction to a certain village, a kissing gate, a bridge over a stream. We never got lost or wandered off the route. It was delightful.
IMG_7274.JPG IMG_7269.JPG DSC02784.JPG

IMG_7275.JPG IMG_7276.JPG

IMG_7278.JPG IMG_7283.JPG DSC02786.JPG DSC02787.JPG

IMG_7287.JPG IMG_7292.JPG

IMG_7295.JPG IMG_7296.JPG DSC02790.JPG DSC02793.JPG

IMG_7304.JPG IMG_7313.JPG IMG_7324.JPG IMG_7326.JPG IMG_7334.JPG IMG_7335.JPG IMG_7339.JPG IMG_7353.JPG IMG_7354.JPG IMG_7355.JPG IMG_7356.JPG IMG_7362.JPG IMG_7357.JPGDSC02794.JPG IMG_7367.JPG

We turned off the road and took a footpath into the woods and down toward a small river. There, just a short way down was an absolutely magical little spot with mossy rocks and a beautiful water fall — Janet’s Foss.
IMG_7374.JPG IMG_7380.JPG

IMG_7394.JPG IMG_7399.JPG

IMG_7405.JPG IMG_7413.JPG

IMG_7418.JPG IMG_7421.JPG

IMG_7431.JPG IMG_7440.JPG IMG_7446.JPG

IMG_7458.JPG IMG_7462.JPG

IMG_7466.JPG IMG_7474.JPG IMG_7477.JPG

Our path then followed the bubbling stream through a little gorge and out into flat pastureland.
IMG_7480.JPG IMG_7495.JPG

IMG_7504.JPG DSC02797.JPG

IMG_7506.JPG DSC02800.JPG IMG_7513.JPG DSC02801.JPG IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7517.JPG IMG_7523.JPG IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7530.JPG

There were 9 kissing gates on our route.  I presume that they are designed to open only so that a person can pass through and the livestock cannot.

IMG_7539.JPG IMG_7544.JPG


IMG_7548.JPG IMG_7551.JPG IMG_7556.JPG IMG_7568.JPG IMG_7572.JPG

IMG_7573.JPG IMG_7577.JPG DSC02804.JPG IMG_7578.JPG IMG_7579.JPG

Then our path led us back to the village.
IMG_7580.JPG IMG_7587.JPG

We arranged to meet our taxi driver in front of the Buck Inn, so we went inside and had a lovely cream tea and hot chocolate while we waited for our ride home.

.IMG_7597.JPG IMG_7602.JPG IMG_7606.JPG IMG_7610.JPG IMG_7615.JPG IMG_7619.JPG

We said goodbye to Malham and enjoyed our ride back to Settle.  Once again, we ran into several highland cattle who thought they  owned the road.  We also saw the beginning of a spectacular sunset, and arrived home with two sleeping 3-year-olds.  The kids did such a great job on our long walk, but it really pooped-them out!  Flora walked the entire thing on her own, and Charlie nearly did, riding on my back for the last half mile or so.  We were very proud of them.

IMG_7625.JPG IMG_7626.JPG IMG_7628.JPG

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