Fun with Felt

For my birthday, my mother-in-law very generously gave me a sewing machine!  We have one at home in the states, but I’d been wishing I had a little one here for various projects.


The photo above is of my very talented mother-in-law (MJ) sewing massive strips of velcro onto our brand-spankin’ new undercarriage stroller bin.  (Another birthday present!)   This will help keep the fabric lifted higher so that the children’s feet don’t press the fabric onto the front wheel of the stroller.

So now that we had a sewing machine in the house, several clothing projects were completed (by MJ), and many crafty projects followed.

We made a whole slew of owls, with felt parts cut out by MJ and some embroidery by me.  She then taught me how to use the machine to sew the completed stuffed owls.  I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m getting better!

IMG_2402.JPG IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2417.JPG

I got ambitious and decided to make felt Christmas stockings.  I found this amazing book of Christmas craft projects that featured beautiful stockings with Scandinavian-style embroidery on the front.  Well, we did it!  The finished stockings are hanging on our wall right now, waiting for Brad to complete our make-shift mantle around the wood stove.  They are so pretty!  This is my first foray into the world of embroidery, and I really enjoy it.  More Christmas ornaments and animals will come, I’m sure.

The red stocking with the tree is Flora’s (of course!) and the snowflake is for Charlie.

IMG_2418.JPG IMG_2422.JPG

The kids had so much fun sewing with GranMary!

IMG_2432.JPG IMG_2442.JPG

And GranDurkee helped keep the troops entertained while we needed time to do finishing work.


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