The Elves and the Shoemaker

Luckily, we had purchased tickets for this children’s show at the Gulbenkian Theatre a couple of months ago.  It was the perfect activity for a Saturday afternoon with a child who just broke an arm.


We took the bus to the University.

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1008 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1010  MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1014

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1024 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1026

We at lunch at the theatre cafe, then did a little coloring while waiting for the theatre to open.

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1055 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1062

When we found our seats, Elvis Shumacker III (the shoemaker in said story) came to measure our feet.  Flora was a “groovy panda and a half” and Charlie was a “superstar dancer”.  He had a special measuring board for stuffed animals, too, and he told us that doggie had “titchy” feet.

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1067 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1075 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1076

We were very excited for the show to begin.


It was a really cute show, all done by this one guy.  He used puppets to tell the classic story of the elves and the shoemaker (with some creative additions thrown in for humor).  The sets were really fun and creative, and the kids loved the puppets.

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1103 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1120

We had a very nice stroll back to the bus stop and then we headed home.  The next day, we cut out some paper dolls roughly in the shape of the elves we saw at the show.  The kids have been playing with them and with some paper clothes that go with them for two days now.  Bonus!

MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1149 MAS-2012-01-28-IMG_1160

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