Fun in February

What have we been up to?

Brad has been working hard.  He had a long (several days) meeting with his research group at the University of Kent, and started attending meetings with a second group.  He’s doing a lot of reading, compiling, and writing. Holly has been practicing lots of yoga here, and singing with the Whitstable Choral Society one evening every week.  The kids have been enjoying the snow, and playing inside by the fire.

Our friend, Emilie, who is an extraordinary cook and baker, has started selling her sweets at the Goods Shed in Canterbury.  We went to visit her there the other day.

MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1699 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1700 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1701 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1702 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1703 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1705 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1709 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1711 MAS-2012-02-09-IMG_1714

Her brownies, candied ginger, and peanut brittle are delicious!

We’ve had lots of quiet dinners at home.

MAS-2012-02-10-IMG_1730 MAS-2012-02-10-IMG_1731

We enjoyed a visit from Nuri and Anisa.

MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1732 MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1734 MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1737  MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1745 MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1747 MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1750 MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1755  MAS-2012-02-11-IMG_1762

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with Steak and Guinness Pie, individual Morello cherry and chocolate tarts, and Valentine’s Day crackers.

MAS-2012-02-14-IMG_8929   MAS-2012-02-14-IMG_8937 MAS-2012-02-14-IMG_8939 MAS-2012-02-14-IMG_8941 MAS-2012-02-14-IMG_8943

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