Arrival in Trondheim

After our lovely train ride from Ringebu, we arrived in Trondheim to extremely schizophrenic weather (Gro warned us about this phenomenon).  When we first got off the train, it was raining and very windy.  As we walked through the town, it started to hail (see photo below).  Then, later we had light snow.  I think there was even a sunbreak once or twice!  And while trying to push a heavy-laden stroller and roll two suitcases with us, it was a smidge unpleasant.  Luckily, we only had to walk about 15 minutes to get to our bus stop.

MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0025 MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0021 MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0028


These are the warehouses across the water from the train station.

MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0029 MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0030

Going up into town.

MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0034 MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0031

The last Viking. (Den Siste Viking)


After a bus ride that took us a couple of kilometers out of the city center and up a very tall hill, we managed to slog through the deep snow to Gro and Carl-Gustaf’s house.  We made it there long before they did, and luckily we had a key.  They live in a very friendly neighborhood, where we had to walk on the street most of the time as the sidewalks (pavements) were not nearly as well-plowed. When we arrived, Charlie was snoozing in the super stroller, so while I carried our things inside, Brad did a little porch maintenance, shoveling and sweeping some of the snow away.

MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0036 MAS-2012-02-19-IMG_0040

This is the stroller that Gro uses to take her kids to school each morning. Clearly they’d gotten a bit of snow since leaving for the mountains.


This is the view down into town from their front step.  All the views in this town are stunning.


The back garden.


We had some time to decompress a bit before Gro and the family made it home.  The kids were so happy to have new toys to play with, of course.  That night we had homemade pizza – delish!

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