Bakklandet and Lunch at the Library

On our penultimate day in Norway, we explored more of Trondheim.  First, we took a stroll through the old and very colorful neighboorhood of Bakklandet.   We then joined Gro for a lovely lunch at the library and visited the cathedral.  To cap off our day, we visited a cool up-and-coming neighborhood near the harbour, where we got to see up-close one of Gro’s buildings.  She is a talented architect!

After catching the bus into town, we made our way to the central square which features a very tall statue of Trondheim’s founder, Olav Tryggvason (Olaf I of Norway).  (Notice the scarf — not sure what the story is here.) This guy’s life story is amazing.  Quite a soap opera!

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0634 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0635 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0637

Just down the street is Trondheim’s royal residence, which is one of the largest wooden buildings in Scandinavia.


And the tourist info center.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0642 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0643

Down a snowy lane from the big open town square is the Vår Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady).  The church dates from the Twelfth Century, with sections also dating from as late as the Eighteenth.  It was open, so we wandered in.  There were many people having hot drinks at tables right in the sanctuary, which I found strange.  It looked like a makeshift cafe.  Perhaps a soup kitchen?




MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0648 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0649

The woodwork in the sanctuary was gorgeous.  This unpainted, aged and patina-ed wood gave such a warm glow inside.  It made the place feel 1o degrees warmer than it probably was.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0651 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0652 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0653 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0656 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0657

We then continued on our merry way to the quaint old neighborhood of Bakklandet.  When you see photos of Trondheim, this is probably what you’re seeing.  The colorful warehouses on the River Nidelva and the old painted wooden houses in the neighborhood on the East bank of the river are iconic images of this city.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0667 - Version 3  MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0670 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0675

There is an old bridge here that crosses the Nidelva, built in 1861.  It is ridiculously picturesque.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0671  MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0676  MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0678 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0680 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0681  MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0683 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0685 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0687 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0698

After many photos, we crossed the bridge and meandered through Bakklandet.  It was low tourist season, so many shops and cafes were closed.  We could tell, though, that it was a fun neighborhood, with specialty shops and unique businesses.  The streets were not terribly well-plowed, so it was sometimes interesting to get the stroller through!

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0690 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0691

Nice use of space in an entry courtyard.



Down the road a bit, there was a little waterfront park.  We managed to get a family shot with the beautiful sun on the warehouses.


And a shot of the precious mittens given to us at Christmas time by Gro and her family.  We are told that each one of these patterns has special meaning.  We love them.


Charming streets lined with charming houses.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0738 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0739 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0741 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0744

Hmmm, one or two could use a little TLC.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0747 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0749



On to the library, which is actually built on the ruins of the Olavskirken.  They have designed this library in such as way as to display the remains of the Medieval ruins in a very dramatic and engaging way.  It’s like being in a museum.  Brilliant.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0768 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0769

And the cafe was perfect.  Old antique tables and mismatched old chairs.  Candles & dried flowers on the tables, and a warm, easy-going atmosphere.  AND, free refills on the coffee.  We had a lovely lunch with Gro.  And as you can see, the kids adore her.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0772 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0785 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0788 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0789

Then, on to Nidaros Cathedral…

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