Charlie’s Arm Reappears

The long-awaited day has come: Charlie got his cast off on Tuesday!  After almost six weeks in captivity, his pale, peeling arm was released into the wild once again.  Below, he poses for some “before” shots as we prepared to head to Margate for his appointment.  (I was trying to get him to frown and look sad, so we could pair that up with a “happy” picture once the cast was off, but he wasn’t willing to be sad.)

MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1519 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1525 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1529 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1539

They whisked us in as soon as we walked in the door, and sent Charlie off for a final round of X-rays to make sure his bones had healed properly.  (Flora was distraught at having to wait behind, and felt that having an X-ray room that was “only for boys” was unfair.)  All looked good, so off he went to have the cast removed.  This was pretty simple, since they’d already split it down both sides for our trip to Norway and wrapped it together with fiberglass tape — a quick peel and some snipping and he was free.  In the shots below he’s hiding his arm as he approaches Daddy, and then presents it as a surprise.

MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1549 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1550 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1555

MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1556 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1570 MAS-2012-03-06-IMG_1571

As a bonus prize, we were given a CD containing copies of all of the X-rays they’d taken so that we could give it to Charlie’s regular doctor back home. You might want to sit down, if you’re not already, before looking at the first two pictures. They’re the ones taken as soon as he was admitted to the emergency room, and show how badly broken his poor arm was:

MAS-2012-03-06-Broken-1 MAS-2012-03-06-Broken-2

These were taken the next morning as they set the bones and put on his cast.  It looks to my untrained eye like they got a good alignment before the cast was applied, but that it shifted a bit as the cast was put on:

MAS-2012-03-06-Setting-1 MAS-2012-03-06-Setting-2 MAS-2012-03-06-Setting-3 MAS-2012-03-06-Setting-4 MAS-2012-03-06-Setting-5

These were taken at a follow-up appointment, where you can still see his arm isn’t quite straight.

MAS-2012-03-06-Set-1 MAS-2012-03-06-Set-2

These were taken the day his cast came off.  You can see the “fracture callus” around the breaks. And, as you might suspect based on the alignment of the bones, there’s still a fairly visible bend to his forearm. They told us it should straighten out in a year or two!

MAS-2012-03-06-final-1 MAS-2012-03-06-final-2

Charlie was so excited to have his arm back that he skipped and danced most the way to the train station after leaving the hospital.  Let’s hope we don’t get to experience the NHS again during our visit.  And while we’re at it, let’s hope they don’t see fit to send us a bill!

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