Farewell to Norway (for now…)

After our afternoon at the Trondheim Cathedral, we visited a couple of areas of the old town before heading back to Gro and C-G’s house for our final evening together.


We walked from the cathedral, past the library,


and down the river Nidelva again on our way toward the Harbour, so that we could see up close and in person one of the buildings that Gro designed.


This building is so cool!  It was an old building that Gro very elegantly repurposed into a cafe/performance space/multi-use area.  I love the materials she used — the copper patina color makes me think of the cathedral roof, and compliments the old brick of the original building so perfectly!

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0937 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0939 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0940

The building stands on a little jetty into the water.  Really cool location.  And clearly, this is a neighborhood that is changing and revitalizing.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0943 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0946 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0947 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0949

My friend did this!


We walked back past the train station one more time.  There were a lot of interesting sailboats in the water along that stretch. Brad took a closer look.

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0958 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0959 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0960 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0961

We did a little browsing in some of the nicer shops (recommended by Gro) in the main town center.  It was fun to browse the knitwear (both traditional and very modern and innovative) and the various products in the interior design store.  Those Scandinavians can sure design a good product!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t really afford to buy anything.  We were running low on NOK, and, well, everything is mightily expensive!



Space Invaders aliens on the traditional Norwegian sweater?


And back for one more night of fellowship with our friends.


MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0973 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0974

I’m really going to miss this face…

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0978 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0981

MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0984 MAS-2012-02-22-IMG_0988

Gro gave us some beautiful and generous gifts: Two gorgeous felted woolen mats from Røros, a book of Norwegian Folktales, and some traditional chocolate from Trondheim.  We are really going to miss our friends.  We feel so lucky to have had the chance to see them twice during our year abroad!  We hope that they will be able to visit us in Washington sometime in the coming years…


The next morning, we were up early, took the bus into town, caught the Flybus to the Trondheim Vaernes Airport, and boarded a plane bound for Gatwick.  It was an easy flight, and we learned when we disembarked that we were on the plane named after Kirsten Flagstad!

MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_0995 MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_0997

MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_1002 MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_1025 MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_1019


It was so strange to feel like we were coming “home” when we arrived in London.  We really did feel that way, though…


Our bags were waiting for us when we arrived at baggage claim.  We made our way from the airport to Victoria Station on the Gatwick Express, and then, we hopped on the train to Whitstable.


The weather was gorgeous.  We went from freezing temperatures with snow and sleet to a sunny, springy 60 degrees!  At home, there were beautiful blooming primroses to greet us.

MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_1048 MAS-2012-02-23-IMG_1049

Goodbye for now, Norway.  Farvel to Gro, Carl-Gustav, August, and Greta.  We will definitely be back.

Next time we plan to tour the North.  We want to visit Tromsø, Lofoten, and perhaps take a Hurtigruten cruise along the coast.  Wouldn’t that be something???

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