The Beginning of the End

We have been abroad for an extraordinary 8 months.  We will be back stateside in 4.

In some ways, we are really starting to look forward to coming home.  I’ve started craving a really good hamburger.  We both miss our dog more and more all the time, and we’re starting to get the itch to get out in our little sailboat and to explore some hiking trails in the Olympics and the Cascades with the kids.

But….  we have made some really good friends here, and have started to feel very much at home in our lovely seaside community.  We love British culture and we love being around the history of this place. We’re sad to leave. We don’t know when we’ll be able to return.

We now have travel plans to get us from the UK back to the USA (via Iceland…).  So of course, the inevitable stress has begun as we think about the process of moving back in to our house on Vashon Island and getting back into our “regular” work schedules.  Re-entry is going to be rough.  We have no illusions.  Culture shock will probably be a big issue.  We’ll probably get the blues for a while as we miss our charmed year of travel and discovery.  We’ll miss our friends.  We’ll miss being car-free.  We’ll miss being as fit as we are without really having to try, since we walk everywhere, every day.  I will miss my incredible yoga teacher and her wonderful classes.  We’ll miss fish and chips.  We’ll miss having the bakery, the butcher, the green grocer, and the corner cafe all within walking distance.  We’ll miss walking out our door, around the corner, and then down the seaside path to the Whitstable harbour.  We’ll miss looking out our windows and seeing people strolling along the seaside.

On the other hand, we are so excited to see our beloved Puget Sound again.  We will undoubtedly exclaim in awe when we see Mt. Rainier and the Olympics.

It will be nice to have two incomes again and to get the kids back into preschool.

I can’t wait to hug our dog.

It will be great to reconnect with our friends and family at home and to dive back into our local community, which we love.  I’m looking forward to seeing my students and getting back into my singing life.

We will revive our garden and get back to growing some of our own food.  We will shop at our favorite local farm stand. And it will be nice to have a really good hamburger.

Now, what’s left to do?

-Tons of travel details yet to confirm, reserve, and pay for.


-Post home the things we want to bring back with us.

-Donate and/or sell whatever we’re not taking home with us.

-Say farewell to all our wonderful new friends.

-Figure out how we’re going to come back someday.

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