We’ve had some lovely warm weather these past few weeks, and have started to rediscover some of our old haunts.  The kids have dusted off their scooters and are setting new speed records each day.  We scooted to the local playground the other day to celebrate this apparent arrival of spring:

MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1617 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1623 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1625 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1632 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1634 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1641

After scooting for a while, the kids wore themselves (and their parents) out on the play equipment.

MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1655 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1656 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1658 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1659 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1667 MAS-2012-03-08-IMG_1670

The next day, we wandered down to the harbor to visit the vendors.  Mostly it was an excuse to scoot some more.

MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1707 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1718 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1719 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1731 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1735 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1751 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1757 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1762

There were spring flowers and spring hats, but the highlight was seeing “Yankee Doodle Candy” open again for the season.  Our hearts swelled with pride at the display of the products that make America great!  (You know, Fruit Loops, Boston Baked Beans, Kool-Aid, vats of marshmallow fluff, etc.)

MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1763 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1764 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1708 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1765 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1766 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1767 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1769 MAS-2012-03-10-IMG_1770

We even spent an afternoon at the beach for the first time in ages.  It was a little ripe, but nice to be back.  (You can see Flora giving a shell the sniff test below.)

MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1797 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1801 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1802 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1809 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1812 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1820 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1823 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1826 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1831 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1834 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1840 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1843 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1846 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1848 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1862 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1863 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1866 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1875 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1877 MAS-2012-03-11-IMG_1882

Next up:  A long-awaited visit from Susan and Bill (and Tyler too)!

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