Easter with Emily and Kiri

We were so glad to welcome Emily, a former student of mine and recent grad of PLU, and Kiri, Emily’s cousin who just graduated from SPU.  They seemed the perfect travel companions and had a great itinerary planned, including London, Paris, and Ireland!  We were glad to have them here for a few days, and the kids loved hanging out with them!

For Easter, I decided to attempt the Easter Eucharist service at the cathedral with the kids.  Emily and Kiri joined me and we hopped on the bus (almost empty on Easter morning!) and made it to the cathedral more than an hour before the service. Unfortunately, it was a drizzly, cold morning, and the kids were a bit grumpy.  Well, we got in and got our pick of seats.  The service was held in the nave as it was a very well-attended service, and the last Easter service for the archbishop, who has recently announced he will step down and take a position in one of the colleges in Cambridge.

It was a looooooooong service.  The kids and I made it through about an hour and had to leave.  The service went on for another hour!  We all met up afterward (the kids and I had fled to Pret-a-manger for a hot drink) and decided we had better head home to cook Easter dinner.

So we got home and let the kids have a little Easter egg hunt (indoors as it was raining).

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0022  MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0032  MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0036

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0043 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0045 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0048

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0052 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0054 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0057

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0060 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0061

Flora’s spoils.


Playtime with Emily.

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0066 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0070 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0080 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0082 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0085 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0088 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0092 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0096


The neighborhood cat likes to mew at us on our windowsill.  Especially when it’s raining outside.

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0014 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0017

My first roast leg of lamb.  It was slightly overdone, but was still very tasty.  And the gravy, made with a little red wine, was divine!  We ate it with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and a rocket/walnut/kalamata olive salad.

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0102  MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0115 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0120

We also made mini simnel cakes.  The simnel cake is an Easter tradition here, although usually made as one big cake.  It usually has marzipan on the top, so we held with tradition.  The recipe called for lots of dried fruits, mixed spice, and orange zest and juice.  They were delicious!

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0106 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0109 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0110


It was a very nice Easter dinner, made even more special as we had such lovely guests to share the day with us.

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0119 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0121 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0122

We spent a lovely day together, listening to music, eating good food, and enjoying each others’ company.

Once the kids were in bed, we got to work on making a gift for their upcoming 4th birthday.  We had lots of felt around from Christmas projects, so we cut out a big piece to use as a felt board and started making fun shapes and characters for them to play with.  Emily made a castle, a double-decker bus, some clouds, stars, and a sun and moon.  Kiri made an adorable bunch of Pooh characters.   Mama made some dragons and knights to go with the castle.  It was so nice to have them help out and we knew the kids would love these!

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0127 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0128 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0132

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0133 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0143 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0145

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0134 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0142

MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0148 MAS-2011-04-08-IMG_0153

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