The Twins are Four! April 12, 2012

Charlie and Flora were so excited about their birthday.  They both woke up saying, “It’s my birthday today!”.

Daddy made them delicious pancakes for breakfast.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2290 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2291

We decorated the house with balloons and bunting.  (The gorgeous Pooh and Piglet balloons were made by Kiri.  Thanks, Kiri!)

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2293 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2303 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2304 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2305

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2319 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2324 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2329 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2345

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2333 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2339  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2349 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2350

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2383 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2392




Emily and Kiri made some ham, cheese, and ham & cheese sandwiches.  We put out some veggie sticks w/houmous, grapes, and potato crisps for a nice birthday lunch.


Then we welcomed our guests.  In addition to Emily and Kiri, we saw Emilie and Tim from Canterbury and Anisa and Nuri who had just moved back to Whitstable!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2415 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2428 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2432

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2436 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2450 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2454

We went outside to play pin-the-tail-on-eyeore.  Nuri won.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2456 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2457 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2458

Flora and Charlie weren’t so sure about the whole blindfolding thing…

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2464  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2476 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2477

Emilie was a good sport, but hit the wrong end of the donkey.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2487 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2488 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2489

Emily also did well, but definitely not as well as Nuri.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2490  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2493 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2495

Tim was a very good sport, but silly Tim, he missed the donkey altogether!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2497  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2500 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2501 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2502



MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2512 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2517

Then lunch!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2524  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2527   MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2531

And of course….presents!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2541 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2543  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2546 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2547

Cool craft projects!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2561 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2562 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2565

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2582 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2587 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2588   MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2594

Chalk tees!

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2595 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2597 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2598

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2599 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2602 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2607


MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2626  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2632

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2637 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2643 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2647

And of course, Pooh and Piglet.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2654 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2656 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2658

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2659 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2660  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2674 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2677

Goodbye to Emily and Kiri.



Playtime with Nuri.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2698 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2699 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2701

Then — cake and ice cream!  Thank you, Emilie, for helping me to get the face onto the Pooh cake.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2442 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2445 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2449



MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2713 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2714 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2720

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2729 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2734 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2741

Goodbye to Emilie and Tim.

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2752 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2753 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2754 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2758

MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2760  MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2771 MAS-2012-04-12-IMG_2780


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5 Responses to The Twins are Four! April 12, 2012

  1. Tim McGraw says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Birthday! Love, Tim

  2. Susan says:

    Yes, Happy Birthday, Charlie and Flora! We were thinking of you and I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!

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