Bruges: Chocolate

Bruges has clearly become the world’s capital of chocolate porn.  Seriously.  I knew it was known for chocolate (as is Belgium in general, of course), but I had no idea how omnipresent and how numerous the chocolatiers had become in this city.  It is heaven.  And the shop windows are works of art!




Marzipan and nougat

MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04485 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0344 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0353 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04486 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04487

We were visiting during the week following Easter, so many windows still had lovely Easter displays with eggs, rabbits, chicks, etc.


These chocolate eggs were so amazing!

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0691 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0690 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04502 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0687 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04491 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04498 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04500 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04504 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04505 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04506 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0395

If bunnies and eggs aren’t your thing, there’s chocolate Belgian beer bottles.


Or tools


Or maybe a racecar?



We purchased a variety of chocolate from several shops….some for us and some for gifts.  The choice is so overwhelming!

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0685 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0688 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0689 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0694


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  1. Anneliese says:


  2. Heather DeGroot says:

    Leonidas….. MY FAVORITE!

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