Bruges: City Centre and the Basilica of the Sacred Blood

After our delicious visit to the tea room, we wandered through the streets toward the center of the city to see the Grote Markt, the Bell Tower, and the Basilica of the Sacred Blood.

Every street was a picture-perfect post card.

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0474 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0479 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0514 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0506 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0516 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0521 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0523  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0487 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0490 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04541 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0524  MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04546  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0533    MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04549  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0536 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0538 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04551 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0539

Love this new architecture that blends in perfectly with the old.

MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04554 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04553

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0540 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0541 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04555 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0542


MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0543 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04559  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0545  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0571 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0567

One of these things just doesn’t belong…


MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04563 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04564  MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0558   MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0562 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0566

Making our way to the basilica…

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0573 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0575 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0576 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0597 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0577 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0578 MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04566

The basilica sits in the corner of the Burg square, in a Frankenstein-ish conglomeration of architectural styles, dating back to the 12th century.

MAS-2012-04-10-DSC04565 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0582 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0584 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0596

We only visited the dark, Romanesque downstairs chapel, dedicated to St. Basil.  (It was free!).  We didn’t go into the upstairs chapel, which was rebuilt later in the gothic style and is where the “sacred blood” relic is housed.  I love the old chapel downstairs.  It is incredibly well-preserved, and has the most amazing atmosphere.  I kinda wanted to break out into plainchant…

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0589 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0592 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0595

After the basilica, we headed toward the bell tower to climb some stairs…

MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0601 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0599 MAS-2012-04-10-IMG_0560

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