Flat Stanley Comes to Visit

Melissa and Lucy, this post is for you!  Thank you for sharing your Flat Stanley project with us.  We’ve been having fun with him!

Before we were able to color him, Flat Stanley arrived in England at Missenden Abbey in Great Missenden.  Brad took him along to some of his meetings.

MAS-2012-04-19-IMG_3024 MAS-2012-04-19-IMG_3027

He rode on a train from London to Whitstable.

MAS-2012-04-19-IMG_3047 MAS-2012-04-19-IMG_3048

Then Charlie and Flora colored him and we gave him some shape.  Here he is posing with the twins in the front garden of our house in Whitstable.

MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3068 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3076

He joined the twins at the beach.  Those big wooden fences are called groynes, and they help keep big waves from washing too much water ashore and keep the rocks from washing away. Whistable is famous for seafood and especially oysters.

MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3081 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3093 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3098

The pub in the background here is called The Old Neptune


MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3104 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3105

Stinky oyster shells!

MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3107 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3110

Whitstable Harbour

MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3112 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3115

Fresh fish!


Uh oh — Stanley got caught in a fishing net!


A stop at Wee Willy Winkle’s Cafe (a winkle is a snail-like creature that people like to eat in Whitstable)


Later, Stanley joined the twins at Elliott’s cafe for a cheese toasty.

MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3139 MAS-2012-04-21-IMG_3142

Stanley joined in the fun at a re-enactment of the landing preceding the 1011 sacking of Canterbury by the Vikings and the abduction of St. Alphege.


I’m sure we’ll have lots more fun with Stanley…

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2 Responses to Flat Stanley Comes to Visit

  1. Melissa hartman says:

    Oh my goodness Holly!!! I love it!!! Thanks so much! And I don’t know your hubby but I adore him for taking Stanley along with him! Thanks!!! Lucy will be thrilled to see all of his adventures!

    • boazrichards says:

      Melissa, the kids are having a great time with it. We’ll keep it going for a while, I think. I’ll let you know when there’s another post. Tell Lucy we are anxious to meet her! xox

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