Flat Stanley goes to Canterbury

Here’s another post for friends Melissa and Lucy.  Flat Stanley’s been having adventures again!

The other day, Stanley accompanied Brad into Canterbury for some errands.  They rode the bus together (a double decker…and they’re sitting on the top level).


Here you can see the Medieval West Gate Towers in the distance.  The buses used to drive right through this gate (with literally just inches on either side!), but just a few weeks ago, the traffic pattern was changed and no traffic now goes through the gate.


The pub here is called “Bishop’s Finger”.


West Gate Towers (the only remaining Medieval Gate from the walls of the city).

MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3417 MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3418

And here is Stanley on one of the streets in Canterbury.  This is just off the Buttermarket Square.


There are lots of Medieval timbered buildings preserved in Canterbury.  The city has UNESCO World Heritage designation due to the historic importance of the cathedral and St. Augustine’s Abbey (the place Christianity was first introduced in England).


A timbered shop in the Buttermarket (it really was a butter market a long time ago).


This is Christchurch Gate. It is the entrance to the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral.  In the second shot, you can see the cathedral towers.

MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3432 MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3436

Stanley and Brad then took another bus to the University of Kent, where Brad works.


And here’s one about to pick them up to head back home to Whitstable.  Notice the cathedral in the background, next to the rear of the bus.  It’s a great view into town from the university campus!

MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3439 MAS-2012-04-24-IMG_3444

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