A Long, Drawn-out Exit

We have been saying good-bye to people for a couple of weeks now.  It’s starting to feel tiring and of course, is quite sad.  And we have so many good-byes yet ahead of us.  We’ve said very fond farewells to Pat, Carolynne, Anita, and Sally, and we’re in the process of planning final meet-ups with Peter, Eve, Stanley and Celia, all of my musical friends in Caritas Chamber Choir, Tim and Emilie, and Ivana.  So many people we’ll miss!

We are moving things out of our house, donating items to charity shops and giving useful and valuable things to friends who can use them.  We still have so much to get rid of!  Who wants to buy: a sewing machine, an iron, wellie boots, books, DVDs, a whole bunch of cloth diapers (nappies), a couple of Trunkis, a slow cooker, bicycle helmets, a  3-drawer plastic storage unit?

We shipped a huge box to the USA today.  Don’t ask how much it weighs or how much it cost to ship.  We are trying not to think about it.  There will be one more box to ship right before we leave Canterbury in a couple of weeks, but hopefully, it will be much smaller and not nearly so heavy.  (We are so grateful to Linda & Mary, my mom and dad, and Josh T. for carrying so much of our stuff back to the USA on their return flights!)

The kids are starting to get concerned.  Their world is being turned upside down again.  Their toys are mostly gone now, books too, and we are moving them from the top floor attic room into the second floor “sitting room” so we can put things back the way they were when we moved in to the house.  So far, they’ve been pretty easy going about it, but they are missing some of the things we’ve gotten rid of, and while they understand things a little better this time around, they still express sadness about leaving and having to say goodbye to people and things.

We are way behind on blogging.  I have posts started from our wonderful day in Rochester, from a great visit from Ivana, and from our long and fun-filled day in London (Crystal Palace and Kensington) to visit Bethie & Charlotte, and Emilie.  Our hope is to be mostly done with cleaning, rearranging, and busy-ness by the beginning of next week so that we can enjoy our last days here and catch up on the blogging.


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