Rochester Castle

The castle in Rochester is literally across the street from the cathedral, and their histories are linked.  It is a Norman castle, established shortly after the Norman conquest of 1066, although the current keep and fortifications were built by Bishop Guldulf (same guy who built the current cathedral building — he was busy!) in the late Twelfth Century.  Historians consider it one of the best preserved, biggest, and oldest castle keeps in all of England (and France!).  Pretty cool.




The walls no longer go all the way around as they once did, so it is easy to just walk up the road and into the castle grounds.  There are houses on one side, where the fortified wall used to be.

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3934 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4013 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05087

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05089 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05090 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05091



We went into the keep, which is run by English Heritage.  Just up a few stairs (with the stroller….) and in we went.


MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05093 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3933 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3942 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3939

I had all kinds of vertigo whilst climbing around the stairs and walkways inside!

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3935 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3936 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3938

I certainly can’t imagine scaling this wall…


The inside was chock-a-block with Norman arches.  And pigeons.

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3943 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05097 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3972

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3956 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3959 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05118

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05119 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3979 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3980

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3966 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4010 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3983

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3947 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3953 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3954

And stairs.

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05094 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05095 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05099 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05100

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3964 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05114 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05117 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4008 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05101 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05126

And narrow passageways.

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05116 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05125 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3977

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3978 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3982

There was one tower with a makeshift roof set on top.  Inside was an exhibit about the history of the castle.

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3967 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05107 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05111

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05105 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05106 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05109

The roof:

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05108 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05104

We had lovely views from each level as we climbed and climbed.

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3955 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05103 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05122 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05123 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3986 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3981 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3985 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05127 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05134

But especially from the top!




MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_3998 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05128 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05129

MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05131 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05132 MAS-2012-04-27-DSC05133



The kids did great with all the stairs, and the heights didn’t seem to bother them at all.  They never complained about having to climb, and were excited to see all the different parts of the castle.  They were a bit disappointed that we didn’t find a dragon, though.  So we got them some ice cream when we got back to the castle grounds below the keep.


MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4021 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4022 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4023

MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4025 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4026 MAS-2012-04-27-IMG_4029

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