A Visit from Ivana

At the end of April, our good friend, Ivana, came to Whitstable.  She was playing a concert for the Whitstable Music Society at the Methodist Church and decided to spend the night at our house.  I wish I had photos from the concert — she was absolutely gorgeous, and played so beautifully.  The program included Janacek, Ravel, Beethoven, and Grieg.  Tim, Emilie, and I sat together and enjoyed it so much.

After the concert, Ivana walked through the sheeting rain (it was a particularly nasty day, unfortunately) to our little cottage and we enjoyed freshly popped popcorn and champagne.  It was a really fun evening.

The next morning, after having a big breakfast of fresh blueberry pancakes (Brad is the pancake master), we got dressed and ventured out for a walk.  The weather was iffy, and fairly cool, so we got outfitted in our waterproof duds.

MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4035 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4037 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4038 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4040 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4041 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4042 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4043 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4044 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4045 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4047 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4049 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4050 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4051 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4052 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4054 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4055 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4058  MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4062 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4064 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4069 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4072 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4076 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4078 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4082

We headed into the harbor to see what we could see.

MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4083 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4089 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4093

We ended up at Wee Willy Winkle’s for fish and chips!  I had whitebait, which is a popular local dish of tiny fish fried whole.  I tried this once before with other guests here, and really liked it, so I tried it again.  It was delish (although it grossed out Brad and Ivana)!


MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4102 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4103 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4104 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4105

Charlie and Flora had scampi.

MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4106 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4117 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4119 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4120

After our lovely lunch, we emerged to actual sunshine!  It was a glorious walk home in what was to be the only really bright part of the day.

MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4126  MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4130 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4131  MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4140 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4143 MAS-2012-04-29-IMG_4144

We saw Ivana one more time in London before we headed north.  What a lovely friend she is.  We wish her well in the coming year, and look forward to the possibility of seeing her on our side of the world someday soon…

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