Leaving Whitstable…the Final Stages

Of course, it is always more stressful and more time-consuming than one expects, getting out of a house that one has lived in for more than a few weeks.  It is amazing, really, how much stuff we acquired in only 10 months.  Amazing.

We sent two huge boxes of stuff back to the USA.  This was clothes, paperwork, a few books, and a few things we collected as mementos.  Nota bene: we have already had two people carry back full suitcases for us, plus a third who carried many items in her own suitcase…


We purged and purged and purged.  Many bags and boxes went to charity shops…

MAS-2012-05-02-IMG_4597 MAS-2012-05-02-IMG_4598 MAS-2012-05-04-IMG_4738

And many bags and boxes went to Tim and Emilie, Christina, and the Dyers…

MAS-2012-05-06-IMG_4895 MAS-2012-05-06-IMG_4896 MAS-2012-05-12-IMG_5429 MAS-2012-05-12-IMG_5430 MAS-2012-05-12-IMG_5432 MAS-2012-05-13-IMG_5464 MAS-2012-05-13-IMG_5471

Our recycling load on that last week was HUGE!


Oh the packing.  We were expecting to live out of our suitcases for 8 weeks after leaving Whitstable, so our packing had to be very strategic, and as light as possible, since we’d be moving around from place to place without a car much of the time.  One big complication is that we had to bring bedding with us.  It is not included with the camper van, and we may also need some in Iceland if we borrow our new friends’ tent and do some camping there…so we had some sheets, blankets, and pillows.  Not ideal.

MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_4994 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5000 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5005 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5009 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5010 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5011 MAS-2012-05-07-IMG_5012 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5575 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5576 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5578 MAS-2012-05-13-IMG_5465 MAS-2012-05-13-IMG_5468 MAS-2012-05-13-IMG_5470

And then there was the reassembling of furniture, and returning the house to the state in which we found it.  This included moving beds and couches as we’d changed the layout when we moved in.  We also had to get lamps and decorative items out of storage and place just so…wash all the linens and fold neatly, and clean, clean, clean!

MAS-2012-05-09-IMG_5027 MAS-2012-05-09-IMG_5032 MAS-2012-05-11-IMG_5180

MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5603 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5606 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5611 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5613 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5614 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5619 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5625

Brad really outdid himself.  I took the kids over to Canterbury on the morning of the house changeover and he stayed behind to meet the carpet cleaner and then the owner and property management agent.  The house was spotless, and the owner and agent were very pleased.  We got our security deposit back immediately!  AND…we have a place to stay if we ever need to live there again.  Despite all the little things that maybe weren’t perfect about living in that place, we are happy with how we left it, and how we left our relationship with the owners and the agents.  All-in-all, it was a great place for us to be.


It was sad to leave…

MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5590 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5591 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5593 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5594 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5596 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5597

Goodbye Nelson Cottage.  Goodbye Whitstable.  We’ll miss you.

Thankfully, we were able to spend a few days in Canterbury, which is just down the road a bit, with our very dear friends, Tim and Emilie.

MAS-2012-05-16-IMG_5890 MAS-2012-05-16-IMG_5900 MAS-2012-05-14-IMG_5630

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