From Canterbury to Windermere

We left Canterbury on Saturday, 19th May.  After a delicious breakfast at the Goods Shed with dear Emilie, we hopped on a train bound for St. Pancras and waved goodbye to our beloved Canterbury. We took a cab to the Goods Shed from Tim and Emilie’s. Here is our luggage awaiting the cab’s arrival.



MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6435 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6436 MAS-2012-05-19-DSC05369 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6440 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6450 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6458

And over to the station…
MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6467 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6472

Goodbye, Emilie!

We got off the train at St. Pancras and made our way down the street to Euston. The kids were so good! We had filled the stroller full of stuff, so they had to walk..

MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6474 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6475

Then we boarded our train bound for Glasgow.  Our stop:  Oxenholme in the Lake District.

MAS-2012-05-19-DSC05372 MAS-2012-05-19-DSC05373  MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6486 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6487 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6489 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6490 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6491 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6492 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6495 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6496 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6499

Then one more short train ride and we were in our final destination:  Windermere.

MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6500 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6501 MAS-2012-05-19-IMG_6503

After a visit to the grocery store (conveniently located at the railway station!), we walked .7 miles to our rental cottage:  Airedale.  The kids rode their scooters there, and were really good sports.  We made it!  And oh boy, it is beautiful here!  The weather forecast is excellent, so we’re expecting some fun times and beautiful scenery during our week in the Lake District.





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