Lake District Day 3: Hill Top

On day 3 of our L.D. holiday, we decided to go to the far side of the lake and visit Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s country home in the village of Sawrey.

First, a bus ride down to Bowness.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6821 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6828 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6829 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6834 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6840 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6850

Next, a beautiful walk through the woods and along the lake down to Ferry Nab, where we would catch a ferry across the lake.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6860 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6863 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6864

This little ferry runs every 2o minutes through most of the day, and only costs 50p for a passenger!

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6868 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6870 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6871 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6879 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6881 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6883

It was a lovely (and short) ride.


At the other side, we had a bit of a wait for the Mountain Goat shuttle bus to arrive. A very friendly driver paused at a photogenic spot at the top of the hill so that we could take a nice shot of the parish church in the countryside.  What beautiful country!

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6887 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6889


Then on to the village of Near Sawrey (as opposed to Far Sawrey, which we drove through on the way).

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6897 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6898

We ate our lunch at the Tower Bank Arms, right next door to Beatrix Potter’s house.  This traditional inn is actually featured as an illustration in The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck.  We had Ham and Chicken sandwiches, chips, and lovely local beers.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6899 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6905

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6907 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6908

Then we had to walk through the village to the National Trust ticket office, collect our tickets (which were free, as we’re members), walk back through the village, and up into the gardens and finally the house at Hill Top.  This was all on a beautiful sunny day, of course.  What fun!



There was a stuffed “Mr. MacGregor” in front of this building that you could pose with for a photo op.





MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6923 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6925


MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6935 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6910 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05408






We had to wait a few minutes before entering as the tickets were timed.  This poor old house gets a LOT of traffic, so they try to keep it from getting too crowded at any time.




Unfortunately, they do not allow photography inside the house.  We enjoyed seeing it, and had fun finding some of the spots in the house that appear as illustrations in The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.  It was very cozy, if a bit dark, with slightly lowish ceilings.  And there were lovely views from most windows….of country lanes and hillside pastures.  It was definitely clear that the place was an inspiration to Beatrix Potter.

After our tour of the house, we wandered through the gardens and watched the bunnies playing in the grass.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6954 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6956 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05419 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05420 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05421 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05422 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05423 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6957 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05424



How very appropriate that there should be a healthy rabbit population in the garden of the author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.


MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6966 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6967 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6968

After we saw all there was to see at Hill Top (and after purchasing the complete tales of Beatrix Potter on audio CD), we started our journey back to the ferry:  this time on foot!  We had discovered some lovely pathways that led back across the hill and down the other side toward the ferry landing, so we set off.  We didn’t have the stroller, but I had the ergo carrier and Brad has broad shoulders.  We’d made this work in Yorkshire once on a 3-mile hike, so we thought the kids would be okay.



We followed the road for a while, on a nice broad footpath.


MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05429 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05430 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6972


We saw LOTS of sheep that day.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6974 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6976 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05434 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05435 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05436 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05437

Charlie did great for a long time.  Flora wore out a bit quicker, so Mama got her exercise!

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6977 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05438 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6978

Soon the path turned away from the road and into sheep pastures.  There were so many lambs!

MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05439 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6980 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6981




MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05441 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05443 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6986

And we got to walk right past that gorgeous country church that the bus driver pointed out on our drive up earlier in the day.




Through a very tiny hamlet…

MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05449 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05447 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6989

MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05450 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6991

MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05451 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05452 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05454 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6992 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05456 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7000

…and up the hill on the other side….while Charlie navigated from our little pencil-drawn map.  He was very helpful.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6993 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6997 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_6998



Through a little grove of trees and a kissing gate…


MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05462 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05463

…and on to the road for a stretch.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7002 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7004 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7005 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7006

…another footpath…

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7007 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05465 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7008


Getting close!


Through the woods…

MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05469 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05473 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05474

And we made it back to the ferry landing!

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7013 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7014 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7015



This time, we decided to take a different boat back to Bowness, which would save us a pretty long walk on the other side.  We only had to wait about 20 minutes.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7017 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7018 MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7019

It was a gorgeous day on the water.  The breezes were most welcome after our tiring walk in the hot sun.

MAS-2012-05-22-IMG_7021 MAS-2012-05-22-DSC05475

Back to Bowness.  What a great day.



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