Lake District Day 5: A Boat Cruise, a Steam Train, & a Motor Museum!

On Day 5, we went for a transportation triple-whammy: Open-topped bus from Windermere down to Bowness, classic excursion boat down to Lakeside at the south end of the lake, then by steam train on the 20-minute trip south to Haverthwaite.  From there we walked to a motor museum, before retracing our steps home.  (I guess that’s a quadruple-whammy if you count the walk!)  The day dawned bright and sunny once again, and we got under way in time to make it to Bowness before the 10:30 sailing, the first of the day that would connect with a train at Lakeside.  The kids were almost as excited as Daddy about the agenda for the day!


MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7161 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7164 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7167 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7170 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7210 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7214MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7188

On our way we saw lots of boats (including the ferry we’d taken earlier in the week), and lots of almost-submerged navigation hazards.  The view of the mountains in the distance from the lake was spectacular.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7198 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7174 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7175 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7178 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7181 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7183

Before long, the train station came into view — right next to the boat dock.  Once the boat docked we all hustled across the platform to the train, as it doesn’t wait long for the boat passengers to board.  It seemed like a huge crowd made the hustle with us, but the train was largely empty for the run to Haverthwaite.  Our engine for the day was Princess, built in 1942 as a shunting engine.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7219 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7221 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7222 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7223 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7224 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7225 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7228 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7229 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7230 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7234 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7235 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7236 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7237  MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7255 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7267

The engine pulled backwards down to Haverthwaite, where it took on water before positioning itself at the other end of the passenger cars in preparation for the next run back to the lake.  A crowd assembled to watch (and photograph) the operation.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7284 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7291 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7292

Once it was back at the front of the train, we got a chance for a closer look.  The final picture below gives a peek at the door to the firebox, and even at rest the draft through the firebox and up the funnel is so strong that you can see wisps of smoke being sucked through the door.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7306 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7315 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7316 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7319MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7332

Then, on to the important stuff:  Lunch and the playground!  There was a fun playground just at the end of the train platform, and the kids didn’t waste any time exploring it.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7363 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7364 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7366 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7367 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7368 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7369 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7374 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7376 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7377 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7378 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7380 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7382

Then it was time to move on.  We had a motor museum to visit, after all!  First though, we took a quick peek in the engine shed, which was housing the railway’s other engines and other mechanical treasures.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7399 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7400 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7401 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7410 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7402 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7403 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7404 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7411 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7407 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7412

The walk to the motor museum was only about a mile, but it’s completely unmarked.  We stopped at a little shop to verify that we were headed in the right direction, and felt obligated to buy some snacks as well.  Before long, we’d arrived at the Lakeland Motor Museum.  Lots of treasures awaited us there — classic old cars and motorcycles, lots of old bicycles, and even a 1979 Ford Fiesta.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7415 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7418 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7421 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7416 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7424 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7425 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7431 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7428 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7433 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7441 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7442 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7447 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7450 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7454 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7457 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7461 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7470 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7476 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7478 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7525 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7487 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7482 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7485 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7486 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7494 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7495 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7489 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7491 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7497 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7434 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7439 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7508 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7510 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7511 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7514

In a separate building they’ve got displays dedicated to Malcolm and Donald Campbell, who were from these parts, with recreations of some of their record-winning cars and boats.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7536 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7537 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7539 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7542 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7543 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7544MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7545 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7546

Finally, back to the station, to start our journey back to Windermere.

MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7547 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7549 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7550 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7559 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7570 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7571 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7581 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7588 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7595 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7605 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7596 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7604 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7606 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7610 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7616 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7622 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7641 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7642 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7656 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7657 MAS-2012-05-24-IMG_7661

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  1. Susan says:

    A Ford Fiesta! No way! Ah, I remember it well…

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