Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden

Our sunny summery May weather was about to run out….but we had one more perfect day according to the BBC.  So we decided to spend it outside at the Royal Botanic Garden on the north side of town.  We took a bus since it was pretty far from where we were staying.  But we were planning to hoof it back after our visit.  We like the exercise.

It was lunchtime when we arrived, so we found a bench and had a sandwich.  The kids were completely miserable.  It was sad, really…

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8264 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8271 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8273 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8274

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8275 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8260 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8261 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8263

And this was our view from our lunchtime perch:


We found a duck in a little tiny pond:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8255 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8282 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8284

Rhododendrons in blooming profusion:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8257 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8259

Huge, old trees:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8277 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8308 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8309 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8310 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8388

And even one wrapped in pink fabric:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8292 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8293

The biggest hedge we’ve ever seen:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8311 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8313 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8338  MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8343 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8344

Vegetable gardens:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8330 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8332 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8333 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8334 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8335 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8337

The Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8345 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8349 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8350 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8351 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8352 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8353 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8354 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8356 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8357 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8358 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8359 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8361

A Victorian glass house with huge palms and gorgeous orchids:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8363 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8386 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8383 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8365 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8366 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8367 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8368 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8369 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8372 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8373 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8374 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8375 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8376 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8377 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8378 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8379 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8380 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8381 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8382

Lots of pretty garden paths and lovely blooming things:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8286 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8288 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8387 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8390 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8391   MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8395

We saw two Andy Goldsworthy sculptures here, and our favorite was this slate well surrounded by trees.  Quite lovely (except for all the trash that had been thrown in the middle….for shame!).

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8397 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8398 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8399

Brad admired the wooden staircase inside the main entrance/shop/restaurant building.

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8400 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8401

But by far and away the coolest thing all day was the Fairy Wood.  This was a little unassuming path through the “natural” woods, with tiny doors on the tree trunks and branches.  Unfortunately, none of the fairies were home that day.  We knocked on every single door, though!

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8315 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8290 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8316 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8318 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8319 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8320 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8322 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8325 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8326 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8327 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8329

After our visit to the gardens, we walked down the street and into the local park for a play at the playground.  My little pirates:

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8406 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8410 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8411 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8412 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8414 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8417


MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8418 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8419 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8420 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8423 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8424 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8426 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8428 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8429 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8432 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8434 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8437 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8438


MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8439 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8440 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8441 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8442 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8443 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8444 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8446 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8448 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8449 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8450 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8451 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8452

We were about to leave when a couple of police on horseback wandered by!

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8454 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8455 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8457 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8458

Then we wandered through many neighborhoods on out way back through the centre of town to our home on the other side.

MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8465 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8467 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8468 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8469 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8470 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8471 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8473 MAS-2012-05-28-IMG_8474

We got ourselves a special treat from a bakery just down the street.  The snail cookies were a BIG hit!  I gotta say:  these Scots know how to bake!

MAS-2012-05-28-DSC05553 MAS-2012-05-28-DSC05554

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