Iceland: Eyrarbakki

Eyrarbakki was a hugely important fishing town and harbour for the South coast of Iceland for centuries.  Today it is a quiet, quaint, sleepy coastal town with a destination restaurant and two great museums. What’s not to love?!

Our main destination in Eyrarbakki was the Árnesinga Folk Museum:  Húsið.

From Wikipedia:  “The oldest building in the village, Húsið (“The House”), is a Norwegian kit home dating from 1765 and is the oldest preserved timber dwelling house in Iceland. It now houses the regional folk museum.”

We visited this museum and we all enjoyed it very much.  Both inside and out.




MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3574 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07235  MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3576




Inside was a variety of exhibits dealing with local life through the past few centuries.

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07243 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07244

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07245 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07246


MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07247 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3590 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07248 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07249 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3592 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07251

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3594 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3595 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07255

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3598  MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3600

This was amazing:  knitted from human hair!

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07256 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07257

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07258 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3603

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07262  MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07263 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3608

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3610 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07272

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07269 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07273 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07274



MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07278 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07279 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3614


MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07282 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07283

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07284 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07286

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07287 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07289

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07290 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07291

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07293 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07294

Just outside of the museum:  a playground, of course!

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07301 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07302

Next:  the Maritime Museum, covering aspects of fishing, boat-building, and life during the 19th century.

The biggest exhibit is an open fishing boat designed for landing on the flat, sandy shore: Farsaell (fortune).

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3620 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3622 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3624 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3630 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3632 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3634

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3626 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3627 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3629  MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3636 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3637 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3639


Before leaving, we wandered the town a bit. So many beautiful old houses, painted in a lovely variety of colors.


MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07237 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07238

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3583 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3585

MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07306 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07308 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3644 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07309 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3645 MAS-2012-07-06-DSC07311 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3646 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3647

And in a fun little shop with handmade crafts and handknitted sweaters, we found this little gem for Flora.



We made it home after our jam-packed afternoon just in time for a dinner of pasta bolognese with what I was pretty sure was ground beef.

MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3668 MAS-2012-07-06-IMG_3665

It was delicious, whatever it was.  We had a quiet evening and made plans for the morning:  Geysir, Gulfoss, and Þingvellir.

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