Iceland: Seljalandsfoss

On our third full day in Iceland, we packed a bag, jumped into the car, and started to drive east on Route 1, the Ring Road, toward Vik and the southeastern corner of the country.


Our first stop:  Seljalandsfoss.


MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3935  MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07451 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3939  MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3945

Seljalandfoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls.  The Seljalandsá river drops 200 feet over a cliff.

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3948 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07456 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07450 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07458

There are other smaller falls just down the cliff face.  Iceland is just riddled with them!

MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07448 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3932

This waterfall is very beautiful.  But its most remarkable feature is that you can walk behind it!

MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07454 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07455 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3951   MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3956 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07460 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07461 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3957   MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3958 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3959  MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3961 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07464 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07465 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3962  MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3966 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3967 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3969 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3970    MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3977 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07467   MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3981

The walls behind the falls were literally alive.  Teeming with mosses, lichen, ferns, and drippy green stuff.

MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07468  MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07469 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3984 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3985

By the time we emerged on the other side of the trail, we had been thoroughly soaked by the spray from the falls.  While we were climbing up the far side to return to the car, the wind blew the falling water basically right onto us.  We were drenched!  But it was completely worth it.  Even the kids thought it was worth it!

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3988 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3989 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07470  MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07471 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07472 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3993 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_3994  MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07473

We headed back to the car, changed into spare clothes, and continued on our merry way.

Next stop:  Eyafjallajökull (say that 10 times as fast as you can…)

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