Iceland: Halí Country Hotel


After a lovely wander about the shores of the Jökulsárlón, we headed just a few more miles to the east, to our hotel at the Halí farm.



There are a couple of hotels here, in this very small settlement in the middle of vast open, unpopulated space.  Halí also boasts a restaurant and a museum dedicated to the famous Icelandic writer,  Þórbergur Þórðarson, who grew up on the farm.  We did not visit the museum, but we did enjoy the restaurant!




The setting was pretty amazing.  to the south, the ocean shore.  To the north, this very imposing mountain.



We saw the most amazing expedition mobile in the parking lot.  The license plate was German.  Those Germans were seriously prepared for anything!

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4140 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4134


Shortly after arriving, we enjoyed a buffet-style dinner at the restaurant.  Much of the food was raised or grown right there at the farm.  Luckily, the kids ate for free.  We did not.  This was actually a very reasonably priced meal for Iceland.  It came to about $35 per person.



Charlie ate a lot of fish.  He’s a fish guy.



Our first plate had salad, potato dishes, various Arctic Char dishes, and bread.  There was also a soup, but I don’t think either of us had any.  The chef was serving, and described each dish.  The Arctic Char was farmed there, and some vegetables are also grown there.



Brad had the local brew, named after the glacier that was just a few kilometres away.



The main dishes consisted of cured lamb, roasted lamb (raised on the farm), and a quiche/frittata sort of thing.  There were also mixed vegetables, potatoes, beets, and various jam-like sauces to eat with the lamb.  All-in-all, it was quite a delicious meal, with lots of fresh ingredients.  The lamb was especially tasty.



Then, for desert, either chocolate cake with whipped cream…



Or rhubarb pudding (also with whipped cream).  This was a unique dish — very tasty, but it had a strange texture.  I think it was a gelatin-based desert, but was hard to tell for sure.



After our filling and delicious meal, we walked through the farm to our room which was located in a new building on the south side of the farm.  We said hello to the cows, who were being moved into fresh pasture.








We enjoyed the evening light.




And we settled into our lovely hotel room.




After settling in, Brad drove back to the lagoon to take some photos in the late-evening sunlight (those will be in a future post).  I stayed with the kids and took a walk around the farm when Brad returned.

I’m sure there are some legends about this fascinating mountain face.  Next time we visit, we’ll have to find out what they are.

MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07578 MAS-2012-07-08-DSC07579

So many beautiful views.




On my walk, I managed to sidle up to a mother and baby sheep.  They kept me company for a while.



After a peaceful night, we enjoyed a hearty buffet breakfast at the restaurant before heading back to the lagoon for one more visit.

There was more fish, more lamb (lots more lamb!) along with ham, cheese, butter, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, breads, skyr (Icelandic yogurt), and various jams and marmalades.  Delicious!



We had had such beautiful weather on our drive east…but our luck ran out and we had fog and rain for our return journey.




Still, we had to take a boat tour of the lagoon, so back we went!

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