Iceland: Photos of the Jökulsárlón

The Jökulsárlón was an incredible sight when we first encountered it, but the skies were overcast and gray on that first visit and I was anxious to see it in sunlight.  After our lovely dinner at Halí, Holly volunteered to get the kids to bed while I drove back to the lagoon for another attempt at some photos.  It was getting late in the day, but thanks to the “midnight sun” there was still lots of light.  There were still lots of clouds too, but the sun peeked through now and then.

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4200 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4204 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4202 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4209 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4213 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4210 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4219

I arrived just as the tide turned.  The incoming tide had kept the icebergs penned in the lagoon, but as the tide went out it took icebergs along with it.  After taking pictures for a while I started watching their journey more closely, and saw that many of the chunks were being washed back up on the outer shore of the lagoon by the ocean waves.  The melting pieces of ice looked like huge diamonds against the black sand.

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4225 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4237 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4245 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4239

The surf was smashing into the larger chunks dramatically.

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4250 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4241 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4265 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4287 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4277 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4289 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4292 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4304 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4321

I had the beach to myself for most of my visit, but after walking for a while I came across someone else watching the waves and the ice.  He took the pursuit to the extreme though, wading into the surf in shorts and bare feet.  (As you might expect, that water was cold.)


I walked back up the channel and to the other side of the inner lagoon, but the light was starting to disappear.

MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4331 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4332 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4345 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4333 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4338 MAS-2012-07-08-IMG_4347

An amazing natural spectacle — I can’t wait to go back!

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