Iceland: Skógafoss

Finally, we bid farewell to the Jökulsárlón.  That was a big check on the ol’ bucket list.  Feeling somewhat exhilarated, we started our drive back to Selfoss.  We left ourselves a very nice stop for the trip back:  Skógar.  We planned to visit the famous Skógafoss waterfall and the folk museum in the village.

First, we drove back over the long black sands of the Myrdalssandur and past a few glacier tongues.

MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07636 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07637 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07638 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07639

Past farms…

MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07640 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07642 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07643 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07645

Back through Vík…

MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07646 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4522 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07648 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07649 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07650 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07651 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07657

To Skógar.


This is a very small town.  I think it has under 30 inhabitants.  And one of the most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4550 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4525

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4528 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07663  MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4531  MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4532

There was a path up one side of the falls to get to a lookout point over the top.  We were limited in our time, so we didn’t venture up.


The kids saw all these little rock cairns on the banks of the river, so they decided to have a go.


MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4540 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4555 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4543

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4552 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07667 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07668


Next, on to the folk museum on the other side of “town”…

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