Iceland: Húsdýragarðurinn (Reykjavik Family Park and Zoo)

July 10, 2012

This day was our 13th wedding anniversary.  We had spent our 12th anniversary in Iceland and again we found ourselves in this wonderful country, celebrating our marriage.  We couldn’t think of anywhere we’d rather be at that time, together.  We felt so lucky.

We didn’t think we’d make it up to Reykjavik during this visit to Iceland, but for our anniversary, we wanted to have a fun, easy day.  So we drove into Reykjavik (it only took about 40 minutes) to visit the Family Park and Zoo (Húsdýragarðurinn).  We’d heard people rave about this place the last time we were in Reykjavik, so it was time to check it out.


The kids were so excited!  We arrived and it was an absolutely perfect sunny day.  We had to wait in line for maybe 15 minutes or so — not too bad.  Then, we went exploring!

First, we visited the area of the park where there are many amusement rides.  Most of the rides were for older kids, so thankfully, we were able to skip most of those.  We found a nice spot to sit and have our lunch, right next to a lookout tower.  The kids took turns climbing up to view the surroundings.

MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07742 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07743 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4739


Next, it was on to the adventure playground!  This place was A. MAZE. ING.!!!!!!  Pirate ship, a little village of play houses, a sand box full of operational kid-sized construction diggers, water games, a pull-across ferry raft, a giant bouncy mat, and a cafe selling hot dogs that you can grill on the electric grilling stations right next to all this stuff.  This country has seriously got it together for the kids.

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4743 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4744 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4746


MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4748 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07745 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4752


MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4757 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4758 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4760

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4761 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4762 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4763






MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07751 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4770 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07753

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4771 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4773 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4774


The pièce de résistance was the carousel with Norse gods and goddesses, vikings, trolls, and giants.

MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07754 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07755 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07756 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07757 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07758 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07761 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07769 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07766 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07768


Best.  Carousel.  Ever.


MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4798 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07763


MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4814 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4811 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4816

After a ride on the carousel, we visited the animals (there weren’t really that many — all Icelandic animals, so mostly farm animals).

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4779 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4782

Pigs (they were moving them from one pen to another)

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4821 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4822 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4823  MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4853 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4854

Amazing Icelandic goats.  Check out those horns!

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4827 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4830 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4833 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4837 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4838 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4839 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4845 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4850

Sea lions.

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4865 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4868 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4870 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4871

And cows.

MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4872 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4875 MAS-2012-07-10-IMG_4876

As you can imagine, we had a great time, and were fairly worn-out after our adventures.  We headed over to the Kringlan mall to pick up a few things and have a snack, then back home to Selfoss for a quiet evening.

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