Iceland: Skógasafn (The Skógar Museum)

Not only is Skógar the happy home of an amazing waterfall, but it also boasts one of the most interesting and extensive folk museums in Iceland.  Outside, there are many traditional turf houses, some nineteenth-century wooden houses, a wooden church, and some other oddities…


MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07671 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4564 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4565


MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07674 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07678 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07680 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4574 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07681 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4575 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4576 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07682 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07683 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4577 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07684 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4578 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4579 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4581 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07685



We found this little mini village and strewn throughout the tiny buildings were sheep bones.  Deep meaning?  Weird coincidence?  No idea.  The kids thought it was pretty neat, though.

MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07694 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4617 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07695

A wooden school-house:

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4606 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4607   MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07693 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4598

A nineteenth-century wooden house from Holt:


MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07699 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07704 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07700  MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07701 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07702 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4614 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07705 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4615 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07706

A farmhouse with barn attached:


MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07710  MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07711 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07712 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4620 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07714 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07715

Lovely old wooden church (the exterior is new, but most of the interior is from various nineteenth-century churches):


MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4626 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4628 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07720  MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07721 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07722   MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07724 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4632 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4636 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07725

A tiny hydroelectric power plant!


MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07729 MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07730 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4648


Inside the main museum are extensive collections of tools, household goods, furnishings, artwork, handcrafts, etc.

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4652 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4653 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4654 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4655 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4656 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4657 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4658 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4662 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4664

MAS-2012-07-09-DSC07736 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4665 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4666


And some old wooden boats.


MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4676 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4680 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4681  MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4683 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4684 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4686 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4691 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4692

And then, across the parking lot, is the museum of transport.  Lots of cars, trucks, and other things that go.

MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4688 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4689


MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4693 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4696 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4698 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4699 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4702 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4704


MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4714 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4716 MAS-2012-07-09-IMG_4717

What a place.  We all found things we really enjoyed, and were ready to climb back in the car and return to our lovely home base in Selfoss for dinner and a good night’s sleep!

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