Iceland: Hveragerði

July 11, 2012

This was our penultimate day in Iceland.  Our last full day before returning to the USA. We wanted to see some countryside, and we wanted to get some exercise.

We decided to drive up the road a few kilometres northwest of Selfoss to visit the famous  “hot springs capitol of the world”: the town of Hveragerði.

On the drive there, we saw steam rising out of the ground here and there and all around.  This town is in the middle of a very active area of volcanic hot springs.  They just seem to be everywhere…and they are well-used.  In Hveragerði, they heat homes and green houses.

MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07777 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07778 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07779


Upon arrival, we first stopped for a cup of coffee (of course) and a quick play on the little playground in front of the town’s bakery and tourist shops.  I also picked up a few more wool sweaters.  Can one ever have enough?

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4877 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4878 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4880

Next, we found a beautiful spot to take our obligatory family photo.  We decided to sport our Icelandic sweaters and pose in front of a waterfall (of course!).


Then, we put the sweaters away, put on the ergo carriers, and ventured out for a long walk through the countryside.  We had a lovely brochure from the tourist info place with suggested walking routes on a detailed map — perfect!

We wandered out of town, over the river, and into the woods at the base of the nearby mountains.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4918 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4920 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4921



Through the woods…

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4927 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4928 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4930



MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4937 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4941 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4942


…and into a meadow.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4951 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4952 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4953


We wandered by several geothermal vents and hot springs.  Some were recently created in an earthquake just a few years ago (this area has lots of earthquakes), and were roped off with lots of signs warning of the high temperatures and noxious gases present.  Spooky!  It was creepy to approach them and hear them boiling or steaming.


MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4963 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4964 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4965 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4966 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4969 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4970 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4979 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4983 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4984


Then on the absolute opposite side of the town, we approached and crossed the river again.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4992 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4993 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_4994

This river, fed by hot springs, is like primordial ooze.  It is just full of all different colors of underwater plants and algae, swaying along with the current.


And then there were more hot springs.  Here, we saw the remains of what looks to be a mini geothermal plant

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5001 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5002

And a dam which was clearly popular with the teen crowd.  There were many enjoying the fresh air (well, the fresh, sulfurous air!), flowing water, and sunshine.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5004 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5005 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5006

We followed the river until we arrived back at the falls where we took our family photo.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5007 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5008 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5010


We were parked next to a beautiful little memorial garden.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5015 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5016

This was a perfect walk through some beautiful and awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Next up:  the geothermal park!

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2 Responses to Iceland: Hveragerði

  1. Judy says:

    Holly, did you know THE question to ask of anyone who’s been to Hveragerði is always, “And did you have ice cream?” 🙂

  2. boazrichards says:

    Um, nope. I did not know that. Why? Or do I not want to know???

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