Iceland: Hveragerði’s Geothermal Park

The Geothermal Park in the center of Hveragerði is truly a unique attraction.  It is really a park, where people can gather and spend time outside.  But this is not your average park.  This park is full of volcanic hot springs that spit steam and gas out of the ground and feed a geothermal pond.  This is a destination for locals and tourists alike, with a volcanic clay foot bath drawing those seeking relaxation and other health benefits.


First, we tried out the clay and had a soak for the tired  ol’ feet.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5017 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5018  MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5022 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5023 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5024 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5026


MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5034  MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5036 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5044


Then, after soaking in the clay for a while, we rinsed off and soaked our feet in the extremely hot pond that is fed by the hot springs.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5050 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5052 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5048



Then, we put our clean and refreshed feet back into our shoes, and took a stroll through the rest of the park.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5061 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5062 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5063

This valve was used for decades to release steam on command as a show for tourists.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5065 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5067

The sound coming out of this was so loud!  It was boiling and steaming all the time, and occasionally, the cloud would change direction and we’d walk right through the sulfury steam.

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5069   MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5073

The stream feeding the pond literally boiled as it trickled along.


This little pan in the hot spring is used for boiling eggs.  We opted not to try it, but apparently it is popular with tourists and they sell eggs at the little shop in the park.  They also sell special bread that is baked in the hot springs.  There is a restaurant nearby that uses a hot springs-heated oven to cook food.  Pretty great use of this natural resource!

MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5076 MAS-2012-07-11-IMG_5077

We were so glad we spent some time in this unique and remarkable town.  We highly recommend Hveragerði for anyone visiting Iceland.

Tomorrow:  Icelandic horses and The President’s Estate!

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  1. Judy says:

    Mmmmm, rúgbrauð, one of my favorite Icelandic breads!

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