Iceland: The Horse

One of the most iconic images of all-things-Icelandic has got to be the Icelandic horse.

From the United States Icelandic Horse Congress website:

The Icelandic Horse has a thousand year history. Purebred since the 10th century, the Icelandic Horse is renowned for being hardy, athletic, independent, spirited, friendly, adaptable, and sure-footed, with five natural gaits. These are the Walk, Trot, Canter, Tölt, and Pace. Averaging 13 to 14 hands tall, the Icelandic Horse is a versatile family riding horse, bred to carry adults at a fast pleasing gait over long distances. It is distinctive for its thick and often double-sided mane and long tail, and remarkable for its wide range of colors. In addition to formal horse shows and competitions, Icelandic Horses are widely used for cross-country rides and long-distance trekking. They have also competed in dressage, jumping, and endurance races.”

MAS-2012-07-07-IMG_3728 MAS-2012-07-07-IMG_3729

These extraordinarily beautiful animals were almost everywhere we went on our journey through the south of the country.

MAS-2012-07-07-DSC07326 MAS-2012-07-07-DSC07428 MAS-2012-07-07-DSC07429 MAS-2012-07-10-DSC07776


It is illegal in Iceland to import horses, so this breed is kept very pure and truly unique.  We were about to find out just how unique…

The morning of our departure, our kind hosts offered to show us a few special things.  The first of those special things was a horse.

Hrefna is an animal lover (see photos of her beloved boxers in the back of the car below).  One of her animals is an absolutely stunning white horse called Marzipan Óli.  We were lucky enough to meet this exceptional creature.

First, we greeted the dogs.  Fabulous dogs!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5093 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5100

Then we drove outside of town, to the farm where Marzipan lives.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5106 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5107 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5109

It was wonderful walking through the horse barn.  So many absolutely beautiful animals there, all seemingly curious and friendly.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5114 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5117 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5132 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5139  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5146

But we were here to meet Marzipan Óli.  Isn’t he lovely?!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5111 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5121

Hrefna insisted that the children have a chance to ride him before we left.    So we found helmets for the kids and headed outside…

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5154 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5152

Such excitement ensued!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5153   MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5127  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5130 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5136

Charlie was ALL smiles!


He felt so important, getting to hold Marzipan’s lead as we walked him outside.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5160  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5162  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5166  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5171

This horse was so gentle, so knowing, and so wonderful. Hrefna told us that he has a special way with children.  She is right.  A special animal, indeed.


Who’s going to ride first?

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5175 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5176 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5178  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5180


MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5192  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5196 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5197

Charlie expressed great fear when we first told him he could ride a horse before we left Iceland, but when he met Marzipan, he was just filled with glee.  He enjoyed every single second in the company of this horse!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5198      MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5210 - Version 2 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5216  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5218      MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5231  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5235  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5241 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5242

Next up:  Flora!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5244     MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5258 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5261 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5262 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5263 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5264 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5267 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5269 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5270

Too good to pass up:  a photo-op with both children on the horse at once!  Marzipan was completely unfazed.


Those are genuine smiles!

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5287 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5287 - Version 2  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5289       MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5308

Flora had had her share, but Charlie wanted to ride him back to the barn.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5328  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5332

Marzipan likes to say “hello” (with is foot).



He deserves a good pat to say “thank you”.  Charlie was so enchanted by this horse.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5372  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5374

What a wonderful and special opportunity!  We are so grateful to Marzipan and Hrefna.

MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5384 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5390

Goodbye!  Thank you!


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  1. Kit says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I assume you’re back in the US and ensconced in your old lives.I hope everything was as it should have been when you got back. Any chance you’ll be in Michigan anytime soon?

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